Crossfire Board Game

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What Are Your Top 10 Board Games?

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Post your board game collection!

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piecraftpi so far the few tests we have seen from outside of AMD have put 2 480s directly on par with a gtx 1080.

What I find the most interesting on the results is that 2 RX480s have a performance of 181% over a single RX480 meaning AMD has cooked in a "secret sauce" with how these cards handle crossfire and with the coming upgrades in DX12 that is only going to get better....
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Show us your custom painted miniatures!

I used to skate a lot, I stopped because it isn't quite for me anymore. I'll probably get back into it. I could never seem to understand how to do things but I have a pair of Lakais and Janoskis worn out with shoe goo on them from two years ago. I was so accident prone and never committed. To those of you learning to skate, commit but be prepared to catch your fall. Landed a kickflip bolts too hard one day, landed on my butt, HARD, not only that...