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My Choice Baofeng UV-5R5

I've been using a Chrome Messenger bag for about 15 years now, but I'm finding that for heavier loads, its sweaty and uncomfortable on bike rides. There are some backpacks that provide ventilation to keep your back from being a sweaty mess, built in support for a laptop sleeve and are designed specifically with bicyclists in mind. The two nice, but not outrageously expensive ones I found are the Osprey and Deuter. Osprey and Deuter are very nicel...
The packs from the following companies don't belong in this poll due to weight: Mystery Ranch, Deuter, and Gregory. The Kelty PK50 is 50L, so, clearly it fails the math. The Minimal Backpack is probably not what most people think of for a sub 40L pack. But the other 9 packs look awesome and provide some actual useful comparison.
Hi all. I posted the Ortlieb COR-13 as an alternative to the others with flaps and roll closures. This one is waterproof without a cover and has a single, water-tight zipper. It may not resonate with anybody else, but I'm interested because of its simplicity. I have an Ortlieb roll-top Velocity pack and a mid-size Deuter pack with a rain cover. The Ortlieb is nice and waterproof but the top corner of the roll gets in my way when I try to loo...
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How To Size & Buy A Backpacking Quilt