Dex Binder 9 Black

It doesn't surprise me that UG has something in the works for a 4 column binder. Deck tutor, which for those that aren't aware, is another company, an Italian company if I remember correctly, and their Binder is the Deck Tutor v2.0, which is a very nice binder indeed. What it doesn't offer is total enclosure, which some collectors wouldn't mind having. This particular binder is great for setting up as your trade binder so you'll like be taking ar...
this guys does a great review of the binder, and compares it to other binders as well. Great alternative to the Deck tutor v2.0, which is taking forever to relaunch.
go forward to 8:23 to skip to this binder.
I'd rather get the full playset version of this binder whenever that becomes available.

You know, the one with four by four pockets per page. Even UG's page gives a 404 when you try to click on it right now though. It's weird that everybody seems to confuse the DeckTutor Four with the Ultimate Guard Four... they are not the same thing?
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