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I could go for Cosmic Encounter bundle with a bunch of expansions the way we just saw for Dominion, anyone else?
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What Are Your Top 10 Board Games?

Hi guys, just wanted to drop in and say we're trying to get these board games up on the site, but finding stock at good prices is difficult for such popular games! Thanks for being patient
I'm hoping we can get enough votes to put in a massdrop for Imperial Assault. It would be great to get this brand new game at a low price!
I was actually wondering about this earlier today! Thanks for communicating. Any word on the situation?
I voted for Cosmic encounter second and added Chaos in the Old World. I hope there is Australian shipping.
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Post your board game collection!

I'd be all in for that.
My vote is for Armada, but as an X-Wing player I'd like to see those expansions too. I can't vote for the X-Wing Core Set, I already have two.
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Show us your custom painted miniatures!

There is also a separate drop for cosmic encounter. It is still in voting. Just in case this one does not come through.