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Gunnar Optiks
The overall concave face of the device makes it akward to handle, and uncomfortable at about the 45 min mark. As with all things ergonomic, results vary, but that's my experience.

Saying "it's missing a stick" isnt a complete lack of understanding for what its trying to be, its me saying that is what i expect from a controller these days. I love me a twin stick shooter. I like precision passing/control (NHL/FIFA). For the things i use a contro...
You say the Steam Controller is garbage, and then praise the Elite controller specifically for its customization?
You do realize how silly that sounds, right?

You can make the SC do nearly anything, it can use KBM and Xinput at the same time, the touchpads can do anything from mouse to analog to Dpad (hell, even snap-position menus), you can bind anything to anything however you want. It has touchpads, an analog stick, gyro, dual-stage triggers, an...