Massdrop is an online community for enthusiasts that provides people across several communities — from audio and electronics to quilting and cooking — a place to connect, discuss their favorite products and activities, and buy those products together.
Discuss the products that matter to you and vote to decide what products you'd like to buy together.
Ben created a poll for High-End Mechanical Keyboards and got over 3,000 community members to join in. With almost three times as many votes as any other option, the community decided together that the Ducky Shine 3 is the best high-end mechanical keyboard.
Once you decide what product you'd like to buy together, Massdrop contacts the vendor directly on behalf of the group.
All products on Massdrop are chosen, created, or inspired by people like you — we call them drops. Join a drop and share in the experience with the community.
Drew built his first mechanical keyboard with the Massdrop community. Thanks to the community's votes, Massdrop dropped the ErgoDox Mechanical Keyboard Kit. Drew joined the drop, but still had a lot of questions. Using the discussion, Drew got help from other members in the drop to learn everything from how to solder, to the difference in keycap plastic — helping him build his first mechanical keyboard
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