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What Are Your Top 10 Board Games?

I do agree that normally different resistors are required for different voltage drop LEDs, Eg, red/yellow vs green vs blue/white. As far as I am aware through observation though photos, we can guess that the resistors are pre-soldered, and may not fully account for this, but this is only a guess, and I would expect more information to be available as this becomes closer to reality.

The offset Fn key is aesthetically not lined up to the spacebar, a...
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Post your board game collection!

Hello everyone!

We've contacted the winners in this poll and right now we're getting setup with those companies to list.

We'll keep you updated as time goes on but you should be seeing some new board games on Massdrop in the next few weeks!
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Show us your custom painted miniatures!

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Casual Multiplayer Fun - Bang! Magic