Joseph Knife Chopping Board Sets

There are perfectly fine $40 shoes. Yet people buy $150 brandname shoes. Why is that? It's the exact same reason people buy $200 + knives ;)
I'm a bit of a knife collector. I like something special to show off to friends and that no-one else has so for that purpose alone I'm totally fine investing in a quality knife.

In general you are right. But in that $20 to $50 range there is also a whole lot of garbage. I have 2 pairing knives, Jamie Oliver ...
* None of the above.
Seriously $2000 for knives? You guys are freaking crazy.
This 5pc Mercer set is $140 . Two years of daily usage with hand-washing, and they are still as good as new. -- MassDrop could probably get <= $105 for the set.

Or the 4pc + Magnetic Block set for $105
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