Motorola Xbox 360 Gaming Headset Instructions

Here are some other headsets I thought about but did not put in the poll, because they did Not have 7.1 surround sound (as far as I could tell anyway):
Razer Kraken Pro V2
HyperX Cloud Stinger
HyperX Cloud Gaming
Sennheiser GSP 300
Siberia 350
I'm interested in getting a gaming headset, but I'm also on a pretty strict budget of around $50-65 (I raised the poll's limit to $80 because MSRP is usually quite a bit higher than what MassDrop or Amazon are able to sell things for).
Besides cost, the requirements are that it must easily work with both consoles (Xbox and PS4) and also with PC.
And it should have 7.1 Surround Sound (virtual) capability.
I had done some previous research and put my ...