Noppoo Choc Mini 84 Keyboard

Look for 75% keyboards. Race, Noppoo Choc Mini, Keycool 84 are all 75%. TKL, no nav cluster, but with a row of F-keys, dedicated arrows, and a column of navigation keys on the far right.
As I understand the reason for Keycool 84 to receive more votes than Noppoo Choc mini 84 can be the non-standard spacebar of Choc mini.
However, it perplexes me that the top voted KBT 75% Race 2 is a PCB-mounted board, while Keycool 84 and Choc mini are both sturdier plate-mounted. I dislike the small right-SHIFT and the extra-size arrow keys of KBT 75% Race 2, but it is also one of the few keyboards in the market that can have high out of the bo...