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For speakers I have nothing special as speakers would annoy other in the house, but I have some old M-Audio AV40s on my desk.

1. HiFiMan HE-500
2. Sennheiser HD598SE
3. Monolith M1060
4. Sony MDR-1000X (Bluetooth)
5. Fostex T50PR MKIII (modded)
6. Fostex T50PR MKIII (modded)
7. Mod House Audio Argon (T50RP MK II mod)
8. Massdrop T-X0 (T50RP MK II mod)
*and a handful I had to sell earlier this year (HE-400, HE-400i, HD600, DT 770 80- ohms and mor...
My choice: The Sennheiser HD1 Wireless (Bluetooth + NoiseGard ) Over Ear Headphnones. Used to be sold as Momentum 2.0 Wireless Over Ear, but trademark issues related to the ownership of the "Momentum" name are the reason behind the name change, at least in North America. The headphones are exactly the same as the previously released Momentums. The headphones are bluetooth 4.0, are aptX compatible, have NoiseGard noise canceller, have integrated V...