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Hajime Asaoka Time Pieces... handmade Japanese Horological Art

I saw these watches, and they truly do take a Japanese approach to a finely crafted, precision piece. Hand made in Tokyo at Asaoka-san’s atelier, they are very well sorted and detailed. For example, the Tourbillon uses the smallest ball bearings in the world in it’s train, this is in addition to the standard synthetic jewels used through out the piece. The Tsunami has an octopus wheel that is just so gorgeous in execution, you’d want to show it off.
These are just different enough in approach, I had to share. These are not mass produced either, as perhaps only a few pieces are made each year. Certainly not for the faint of heart, as starting prices are around $22,000usd, these are beautiful pieces of art as well.

DataWarrior, GES11T, and 12 others

Unique design!
Definitely can teach the Swiss a few things....
Love to see these exquisite pieces and drool.. Thanks!
Thanks for sharing. Stunning time pieces. And please do keep sharing watches that are beyond most of us. Pieces that are unattainable are much easier on the wallet than those within reach :D