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Anyone else spend a lot of time on two wheels?

After being part of MD for a while now, there is something I have been wondering. Why is there no bicycling community? It seems like there are a lot of people on here that would be interested in that. I wonder what you guys think.

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yes, please
Tons of interest in a cycling community, but I think my bank account would regret it...
My 2-wheel love has a motor. But I respect the people who like to power it themselves. MTB trail rides are fun, I just can't see myself on a road without something powered.
Cycling - yes please!
If you want more traffic, have you tried cross-posting to Reddit? Maybe bring some heads over from the appropriate sub, make some noise...
Yeah! Cycling enthusiasts unite.
I think I want to see a super record groupset drop.
That's what I think.
hahaha yes please. and if we could get some NOS Campy on here as well, and maybe some DeRosas. #wishlist.
Yes please!

Also I would appreciate it if people went and voted on my pole about bike lights: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/Road-Bike-front-lights
Are we still crossing our fingers to get this going or are we going to let it go?
yes please
I agree, more bicycling equipment !!!!
It would be great to have a cycling community!
chipping in with a resounding YES, PLEASE!!!!
Honestly, as a cyclist, it would be great to have a community here, especially for clothing, shoes, cycling computers, etc that is not always easy to find discounted online
All, glad to see some fellow cyclists piping up!

To wit, recently posted a poll for compact bike travel case. Please -opine- :-)

I happen to enjoy cycling a great deal as well! I typically use my fathers old road bike to commute to and from my place of work and the parking lot. I also enjoy mountain biking, both cross country and downhill.
My husband and I ride local greenways about three times a week right now. I've got an Electra Daisy Cruiser complete with a ginormous wicker basket for comfortably packing in the sidewalk miles. Once we have our Skoolie conversion complete, we plan on doing a lot more traveling, and exploring trails all over the US! I'm nerdily excited about it.
Any word yet? I think if we get a few cycling clubs on board this would take off.
From Massdrop? Nope. I don't know how many reps they have reading the talk pages, but they don't seem to have noticed this discussion too much.