Jan 2, 2017

Davosa Argonautic Bezel Lume

Okay -- so does anyone know if the Davosa Argonautic currently being sold includes lume on the bezel? I asked Massdrop if the watch itself was what's pictured or if it's the one in the review which doesn't have the bezel lume. Massdrop got back and said they don't know -- awesome! -- but that "Generally, we will be selling what is pictured." That "generally" doesn't flood me with confidence.
Massdrop also instructed me to reach out to @Vincent.H -- do you know?
Any help is very much appreciated.

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My response from the discussion in the drop is copied here: "The photos were shot in house and customers will receive exactly what is pictured on our site."
You will receive the bezel with the lumed pip for this drop.
"Generally" indeed does not inspire confidence. I certainly don't want to be the "word" on this, but most info I find tells me that models in Europe do NOT have the lumed pip. Davosa USA however shows the 498.25 model at least as indeed having lume on the bezel, and point out as such.
With the provision that Mass is getting these domestically, I think they would have the lume. Again though, it might be beneficial to hear more officially from someone as MD.
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