What would be the best fountain pen and ink for someone that likes to write a lot for fun

Hm, are you new to the fountain pen realm, or somewhat experienced?
If you are new, I always like to suggest that you purchase a "disposable" fountain pen the first time around, or until you find the nib size you like and have a chance to learn how to care for the fountain pen itself. One really good option is the Platinum Preppy, which can normally be purchased right around $4. It uses cartridges by default, but you can also get a converter to use bottled ink with it. And the cartridges can be refilled if you have a syringe.
If you are experienced in the game, I would suggest looking at a vac or eyedropper fountain pen for the sheer amount of ink they can store (2-3 ml is relatively normal there, as opposed to to ~0.5 ml that a cartridge/ converter normally holds). Now, I don't personally have any experience with non-converter pens at this point, so I can't give you much insight there.
The next major thing is nib. Do you like writing with flair and stylized strokes, or just straight standard lines? For the flair and style side of things, you will want to look at stub, italic, or flex nibs as they each offer some line variation (to various extents) that can help your handwriting pop a bit more. If you just want a consistent stroke, then get a normal nib - here steel works nice as it doesn't flex much/ at all.
My personal favorite pens currently are the Pilot Elabo (flex nib) and Japanese EF nibs (~0.2mm); but each person is different.