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Finally: a Cool CRKT Collaborative Design Made With Premium Materials:


For the link-clicking challenged, or shy, the specific CRKT knife with the premium build is the Pilar, a Jesper Voxnaes design. BladeHQ is offering an exclusive with a carbon fiber presentation scale and an S35VN blade. The frame and lock are still stainless steel, which makes me worry that the knife might be pretty badly imbalanced in the hand, but it's a small knife so hopefully the weight disparity isn't too affecting.

As one of many people who has said, on this site and other in venues, that I wish CRKT would offer some of their very cool collaborations in upgraded materials (and, ahem, hopefully equally upgraded fit 'n finish), this is a positive development. A price of $69.95 ain't too shabby either; that's low enough I'll pick one up just to see about the build quality.

Docp91B and Kavik

Man, I'm upset I missed this! I really like that little knife.
If the gods of traffic, money, and weather favor me this week (and the cruel, cruel god of middle school homework concurrently favors my daughter), I'll be taking a little jaunt down to BladeHQ this week. Though it will not be the main purpose of my visit, you can be sure I'll let them know that someone, or probably a number of someones, was/were terribly pessimistic and short-sighted about the demand for this knife. Without exception, everyone I've spoken to about it has said they would have bought one, or maybe two. So with that kind of demand, hopefully more will be made.
Son of a gun...that was quick. Real, real quick. In fact, other than when Microtech dropped the initial few batches of UTX-70s earlier this year, that's the fastest I've seen a production run sell out. And those 70s were $210-$230 OTFs; the only CA-legal, non-fixed blade Microtech makes; and the first made with a new body design starting a serial # 0001; and from a maker whose stuff holds value very well. In other words, there were lot of reasons to buy a 70, and the price was as low as you'll find for any Microtech OTF. So of course they were sold before they were unloaded off the dock.
Of course, we dont know how many units CRKT shipped to BladeHQ, but you'd have to think it was at least a few dozen, or a few hundred if they were smart. Also if they--CRKT--are smart--well, kind of smart--they will see the sales #'s and said, hey, there just possibly might be a market for some of our models made with premium materials, with a higher but still reasonable price. This will undoubtedly blow their minds, since this idea has apparently NEVER OCCURRED TO ANYONE AT CRKT.
Finally, what the hell, BladeHQ? I heard nothing about this. Not a single word of warning, no mention this was in the works, not even a general "heads up for a surprise next week" kind of message that someone there usually gives me if all the employees are sworn to secrecy. Maybe they themselves had no warning? Either that or they dont love me anymore.
Thabks for the heads up here! I'll absolutely be picking one of these up.
Oooh, I've heard such good things about that knife too. Very interested in it coming in better materials, thanks 👍
Nevermind, already out of stock by the time i got home to really look at it lol