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Kizer Minitherium in CF

Anyone else getting in on the preorder for this on BladeHQ?

It's right around $200, but for some reason I'm not thinking MD will get a drop on this any time soon (no reason, just a feeling that I shouldn't wait)
I've always been a bit intrigued by the Megatherium, but it just looks way too big for my tastes. This one though, a 3" modified Wharncliffe in S35VN? That's right up my alley.

Also curious to hear any opinions from current Megatherium owners, about the quality of the bigger brother

Well, gotta say overall I'm pretty disappointed given the price 😒 Out of the box, detent was so weak it would fail to deploy more times than not without an additional wrist flick at the end. And don't even ask about how easy it was to whip open. Spent half the day today working on it off and on to get it close to something I'm happy with Detent ball didn't fully reach the hole, was only engaging about 30% at most To fix that I had to file down the liners to allow the stop pin to travel just a little further when it closes. I also beveled the leading edge of the lock bar, it's such a small detent ball, the bar was touching the side of the blade in the closed position. But then i had another issue to deal with....despite the fact that the backspacer didn't even fully enclose one of the standoffs in their attempt to create clearance, i still had to file down a LOT of material to make room for the blade in its new properly closed position At this point i can still cause it to fail to deploy if I try, shaking it open takes much more effort, but it's still doable. Oh, and the the backspacer wasn't flush with the spine of the handle north of the middle screw, I'll need to fix that later. Action is smoother now after the rebuild, shake shut. But ANY attempt to loosen the pivot even the tiniest bit to improve it further instantly introduces a TON of blade play, moreso then any I've seen from a couple degrees of a turn......which, i suppose, is why the handle was put together with blue loctite, but the pivot was done with permanent, had to use a heat gun to break it loose. All this work later, at the end of the day it's a nice looking knife, with a pretty awkward feeling handle, that i would've been happier at about $75 less.
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Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I always thought it was a personal preference thing, so didn't think of it as a returnable offense.....but with how much I had to alter this knife to make it reasonably okay at $200, I'm kicking myself for keeping it. I enjoy fiddling and tweaking and fine tuning, but I need to learn when to say no before I start modifying things
At least you were able to fix it somewhat. It is a very cool looking knife.
I don't think so, I'm not (braces for impact) a huge fan of Isham's designs.
Lol there's a lot of his thatI don't like, but this one is a bit more subtle/subdued/tame than many, i thought
I'll be getting the Isham Abtruse carbon fiber from another drop site that is similar in design and price. It won't ship until late January.
Interesting design in that one too... Not sure about how skinny that handle is though
I wanted another front flipper so that is why I chose it.
That sounds like a great knife to me! Unfortunately it's about the 3rd one I've thought that about this week alone. Lol.😆
Lol i hear ya there, it's kind of never-ending 🤯
You got that right Kavic! However there are worse problems a couple of knife knuts could have that's for sure. 😆
The Minitherium shown reminds me of the Prism, just the general lines of the knife. I really like my prism and have been considering the Megatherium for a while but the size was holding me back. I'm definitely in on this. Thanks for bringing this to light @Kavik
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Insert keyboard in mouth.
You are correct sir!
There's definitely some overlap in design languages between those two models. But overall, I love how different the two designers are, despite the two having a love for clean flowing lines. Tashi loves to exercise his creative director artistic background and his affinity for text play (which is most apparent in his recent custom, the Answer) while Elijah likes what I can only describe as sci-fi future-tech bio inspirations (which is most apparent in the WE Eschaton).
This one caught my eye a few weeks ago. Really interesting and cool looking! I bet this knife won’t be dropped here for a very long time, if at all. This doesn’t look like one of those Kizer models that’s going to be sold at a 50% discount.
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The Buc (3.6oz) is almost 2 oz lighter than the Mega (5.43oz)...the Mini (2.96oz) weighs less than the Buc. The Mega looks like the perfect vegetable chopper for food prep. Your fingers are higher than the blade when chopping so they don’t hit the chopping block...just the blade hits. I wouldn’t use it for food prep but some of the reviewers said that they did.
Yeah, can't say I ever use folders for food prep on a cutting board either. But I can see where it would be good for those who do
Hmmm I've genuinely been curious if we'd see Isham's work here, existing or as a collab with MD. Fingers crossed!
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Is that https://urbanedcsupply.com/ ? Do they have decent prices?
I think so, they have similarities to Massdrop. I just bought a Scout screwdriver set https://urbanedcsupply.com/collections/all-available/products/scout-leather-co-hex-bit-driver-tool-roll for my knives yesterday for $60. It came with 12 bits and a leather roll and was $20 cheaper than a comparable driver with no bits or roll. It's also the only place I found the Abstruse in carbon fiber. They also have Quad Pay that breaks up your payment into 4 installments over 2 months to soften the blow.