Oct 11, 2018

Folders for Lefties?

I am right-handed (like 90% of the population), so it has taken me some time to realise that virtually all folding blades favour right-handed operation, with perhaps the only exceptions being slipjoints and lockbacks.
Hence I am curious. There must be some left-handed folding knife fans out there, so what do you do? Can you get left-handed versions of folders? If not, do you simply adjust how you operate a regular folder? Or do you stick with lockbacks?
Drop a comment below, I'd really like to hear from you!

Me too. Just pretend I'm right handed and enjoy.
I carry right back pocket, gentlemen folders for work (ripple in 440 acuto, urban trappers, gent) and bigger (3.5"+) for fun.
Just use right handed folders, easy as that. Just like I learned how to use scissors in my right hand since they cut much better.
My EDC are various gentleman folders I carry tip up in my right pocket. I've never bothered switching around the clip and trying to use with my left hand as I've simply always done it this way.