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Blades Community Growth

Hey everyone,
As many of us are happy about, the Blades community product offerings have been growing at a ridiculous rate this year, and I'm genuinely curious where the growth is going? If my memory serves me right, just this year we've seen new collaborations with: Bharucha, Zinker, Laconico, Schwarz, Terzuola, Gavac, Ochs, Hara, Spyderco, and Ferrum Forge x2. This is more than one per month and not mentioning new versions of existing models like the Gent and Crux, or kitchen knives!
So, to Massdrop (@JonasHeineman), is this trajectory expected to continue? Are we going to keep seeing fresh collabs at this rate? What happens when these are all made and sitting in stock with Massdrop, are we going to see mostly collabs offered here?
For the community, what collabs do you think we'll see next? Any collabs you'd hope to see? Curious what you all think!
Thanks for reading! I'll leave it with a throwback to the collab that started it all:
Mt_bridge, Sean Choi, and 9 others

Hopefully the group continues to grow, to the point where its buying power is enough to reduce the turnaround time on some of these offerings. I understand that the collabs and exclusives take time to manufacture, but it shouldn't take a month or so to get a batch of CRKTs or some such out to people. PS. In my experience, MD's collabs are pretty much in line, timewise, with others I've gotten in on. The APurvis Blades Progeny I'm waiting on will end up taking a little over 3 months to deliver. It looks like most of the collabs I've gotten from MD took about 5 months, give or take, from order to door. There is room for improvement, but it's not outlandish.
From what I understand, when a drop ends, the order has to be placed with the vendor. So there's some time for them to put the (potentially large) order together and either ship it out to customers themselves or ship to Massdrop, who will then have to ship it out. That's a lot of steps Massdrop has to go through, so I don't think it's gonna get much better. For a typical retail experience, they just have to put your individual order together and ship out so it's a lot faster. I agree though, wish Massdrop could speed it up.
I Hope they continue with the Collaborations, I just received the Gavko-Massdrop and it is outstanding, My first Knife purchase from Massdrop, and for the price and quality offered I would most likely buy more, I already purchased 3 of these knives because of the Value and Quality.
That one's on my next to buy list!
I think they will continue on largely the same trajectory. At this point they seem to be building inventory of in-stock collaborations at the same time as they introduce new models. A few of them appear to have been restocked without much fanfare, and I think we can expect a similar pattern where there are no new models introduced for a few months at a time as the existing collaborations make it through production. I would guess that 2018 was a huge year for the Massdrop-Massforge-blades collaborations, and that we can expect to see a more moderate pace of new models now that their selection is starting to fill out with a variety of designers, manufacturers, models, and variations. I expect to see more models like the Pro-Tech Mordax, knives that might be more expensive than the original lineup, but that offer features that the community has been asking for. In the Mordax we get a fully American knife, we get something other than a frame or liner lock, we get beautiful 0.12" stock on a full-size knife, and we get a steel that outperforms the excellent S35VN on every front except toughness, which isn't terribly relevant in a folding pocket knife. I also think we will see more variations and derivatives of the existing design catalog. The Dogtooth as both a framelock and liner lock is the model for that. The possibility of a Crux with carbon fiber inlays or overlays, acting as an upscaled Gent, or maybe a liner lock Keen with nested liners in a carbon fiber handle is real. Not likely, but it's possible and I don't see them releasing as many new designs now that they have something for everyone in their lineup. The one thing that is missing, is a slipjoint.
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Oh and if I had to guess, I would say that since they have started adding a variety of prestige knives, even compared to the Falcon/Crux/Buc, that they must have a goal of introducing an integral at some point. It's probably more a question of which design, manufacturer, and when than if. I think it is not impossible that their integral could also be the Mordax or maybe even the Crux, it has been a fertile design family and instrumental in the series so far. The Falcon isn't as neutral as the Crux-Mordax-NTAC family, so I doubt we'll see much more development of that model in the near future. It will likely get any future variations that get rolled out across the whole WE-Ferrum Forge series, but I don't see it being the basis for an integral or anything. I think WE is the most likely manufacturer for an integral, and if they do an integral Dogtooth, Dao, or CruxAx I'm going to go absolutely ballistic on my budget.
Oh yeah. They're definitely pushing the boundaries and seeing what sticks. Going from the crazy value we've seen in the G-10 Gent (which if it isn't the most popular knife collabo, is sure shaping up to be since it sells out every time) to the Prism and Mordax. Granted, the Damascus Falcon didn't really hit (there were other mitigating factors in that one), but I think it wouldn't be far off for them to try an integral. Curious as to who the designer could be. I agree with WE being the likely manufacturer. I think Reate would be way too pricey (see the Jack). I'm unsure if they would make an integral of an existing model though....because in my mind, it's hard to see the value of adding a significant uptick to a budget model. I think this might've been one of the (many) reasons why people didn't jump on the Damascus Falcon. Anyway, it's fun speculating on what they're working on! I'm calling the next Tashi collab to be the Heatseeker, likely made by Reate.
I can't wait for the Protech and Furrem Forge drop my wallet is going to get lighter!😍$$$
I would love to see more Gavko colabs and maybe a front flipper like a Shamwari from Gareth Bull. I'm loving the Ferrum Forge blades, although I don't think my bank account agrees. To Jonas and the crew, keep doing what your doing
Thanks @Bknguyen , we've come a long way since we released the Falcon in April of 2017. And yes - you can expect the general pace of releases to continue through 2019.
Excited to see what you guys cook up!
Hook me up with a front flipper guys!
I would say the gavko mako knives for me
I found my way here because I learned that I like knives. It was a gradual "Hey knives are cool, I'm gonna buy one, holy shit there are so many I want!".
Ferrum Forge's Falcon still holds up well after all this time.