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Blades Community Growth

Hey everyone,
As many of us are happy about, the Blades community product offerings have been growing at a ridiculous rate this year, and I'm genuinely curious where the growth is going? If my memory serves me right, just this year we've seen new collaborations with: Bharucha, Zinker, Laconico, Schwarz, Terzuola, Gavac, Ochs, Hara, Spyderco, and Ferrum Forge x2. This is more than one per month and not mentioning new versions of existing models like the Gent and Crux, or kitchen knives!
So, to Massdrop (@JonasHeineman), is this trajectory expected to continue? Are we going to keep seeing fresh collabs at this rate? What happens when these are all made and sitting in stock with Massdrop, are we going to see mostly collabs offered here?
For the community, what collabs do you think we'll see next? Any collabs you'd hope to see? Curious what you all think!
Thanks for reading! I'll leave it with a throwback to the collab that started it all:
Bflying, infinitymdm, and 2 others

I would love to see more Gavko colabs and maybe a front flipper like a Shamwari from Gareth Bull. I'm loving the Ferrum Forge blades, although I don't think my bank account agrees. To Jonas and the crew, keep doing what your doing
Thanks @Bknguyen , we've come a long way since we released the Falcon in April of 2017. And yes - you can expect the general pace of releases to continue through 2019.
Excited to see what you guys cook up!
Hook me up with a front flipper guys!
I would say the gavko mako knives for me
I found my way here because I learned that I like knives. It was a gradual "Hey knives are cool, I'm gonna buy one, holy shit there are so many I want!".
Ferrum Forge's Falcon still holds up well after all this time.