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Any Rolex like full gold watches

I want a watc that looks like a rolex but must be solid yellow gold kind of like what tyga and chris brown own

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Maybe take a look at the cheaper Bulovas?
I looked at the Invicta on eBay, but some commenters said they were losing 20-40 seconds per day which is unacceptable at any price.
Yes, for the most part, Invicta's are far to inconsistent from a reliability and accuracy view, regardless of the movement, it's too much of a crap shoot. I have a few friends that love them from a visual standpoint, but look at me funny when I start talking about accuracy and COSC standards. "Time?!? I look at my phone!" they say. More than a few people I know also said "never again", and I know I'd never grab one.
But if you want something that has "bling" look without costing "bling" money, Invicta has the market covered.
Invicta is an actual watch company, American owned and based out of Florida. The watches themselves use movements from Japan, Switzerland and China, and are likely assembled under contract in factories in Southeast Asia and China. They use everything in the watches from Miyota to and ETA auto movements, as well as some Sellita and Ronda.
Invicta is a love/hate thing. The important part is to find something you enjoy wearing, and a timepiece that smiles at you when you look at it.
Go look at some Invicta watches - might be exactly what you're looking for.
Awesome thats really beautiful but are they like fake stuff chinese brands
Fake? I'm not sure what you mean they are just cheap watches how can it be fake as a brand?
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