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Oppo PM-3

Since Oppo ceased production, is it possible to license the tech for the PM-3 and do a Massdrop x Oppo PM-X?
Captain-K, Alf Sæther, and 5 others

I'm not being sarcastic here, but, why not the whole Oppo audiophile product range if it can be done for the PM-3?
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I was unaware that the PM1 was priced anywhere near the HD800 or the PM2 priced comparably to the AeonFlow Open.
Also, the Oppo headphone amp and the streamer don't deserve the premature termination of production those models received. Many would still love the opportunity to buy an Oppo disc player also! Besides what dictates that Massdrop reproductions of Oppo late models could not be offered at significantly lower prices?
The 800 has seen some serious price cuts in my area. Getting the 800s over the 800 is a no brainer which has let to the 800 being priced similarly to the PM1s