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A Massdrop version of the Sennheiser HD700

Having had 2 home-run hits with the HD6XX and HD58X Jubilee, I'm hoping that Sennheiser and Massdrop can take some time to explore the possibility of a custom Massdrop version of the HD700. Even though I haven't had the opportunity to hear the HD700, I have a pretty good idea of what I'd like to see in a Massdrop version, based on owning the first two collaborated releases and hearing the HD800 as well. The HD700 really does appear to be the neglected middle-sibling that I think could get some much needed love with a few changes based on some opinions I've found while combing through reviews.
As seemingly typical of Massdrop, the first thing to change for sake of differentiation is to darken the colorway to a mostly matte-black finish, as I approximated in the poorly-edited photo I'm attaching to this post. It could definitely stand to look something like what Massdrop did with the Focal Elex, which I own and love.
Perhaps the model number could be HD 7X7, to avoid confusion with AKG's K7XX.
Build quality changes are the bulk of what I'd like to propose, and as I have yet to hear a stock HD700, I'll leave desired sound-signature changes for others to speak of (aside from what I hear is a general love or hate of the 5.5KHz peak and the 11Khz peak).
I'll start off with the headband. The rubberized top portion has been said to add a bit of unnecessary weight for some, and could probably be changed to plastic in order to lighten it a bit. This would also help with color consistency when going for the all-black look.
Next, perhaps a more robust click-adjust mechanism. I've read and watched many a review complaint about these being a little too light with the clicks (noticeably, Zeos of Z Reviews shaking the HD700 lightly and having them fall all the way to the lowest setting rather quickly).
Another point of dismay for several reviewers was the rather unwieldy 10-foot cable. As with previous Sennheiser collabs, this one could be cut from 10' to 6', terminated in 3.5mm with a 1/4" adapter instead of the monstrosity of its current stock form.
Otherwise it is apparently a pretty comfortable headphone, with many reviewers enjoying the ear-shaped pads. However, I think it's probably worth experimenting with an alternate material to see if that will yield positive sound-signature changes. Some modders out there have experimented with that, to varying levels of success.
Others, feel free to chime in about the sound-sig. I'm hoping this can be the humble start of some much needed love for a very polarizing and somewhat overlooked headphone.

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The HD 700 is a piece of crap. Massdrop should do a version of the HiFiMan HE-500 instead.
700 gets hated alot,i dont think massdrop will support that.Maybe a hd 600 clone? but the 6xx exists idk?
Yeah, I don't think they'll touch the 600, as the 6XX and Jubilee already exist. The hate that the 700 gets is precisely why I thought about creating this thread though. As a platform for discussion, Massdrop excels at these types of things where we can talk about what needs fixing, and they can collab with Sennheiser based on our feedback to create something better than the original. Case in point with the AKG K7XX and the Fostex TR-X00.
I would say fix the treble spikes known to the 700,velour instead,shorter wire. Keep the D shape though.The price shold be around 300 i think for the 700 remake
Maybe it could use build changes to lower the price, but its actually one of the lightest and comfiest headphones on the market, IMO. Much better than k7xx, hd650, etc. Still, the sonics could stand to be improved, and I think different pads could do a lot for them. The treble could use a bit more damping, but mids need to get brought up into the mix more. its a very open headphone and the treble isn't as bad as it might seem from measurements. I wonder what those dekoni pads do for FR, though that's an expensive experiment to take
but the hd800 already sells very well without price cuts. the hd700 sells less well and far below msrp and is also an older headphone
I’d present the Massdrop production of the standard HD800 headphone over the HD700. The HD700 is nice headphone, but the HD800 series would sell (and perform) far better. I own both.
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MEMS? I don’t know what that is, or at least how it relates to headphones (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microelectromechanical_systems).
The HD 660 S and HD 700 are carry the flag of Sennheiser’s best <$1,000 headphones. In my opinion, the HD 660 S sounds like it sits right in the middle between the HD 800 and HD 650, with an objectively more full-bodied timbre than the HD 700.
”Cashing in on the HD 800 legacy” would be a permanently damaging deal for Sennheiser. It’s still a higher performing headphone than a Focal Elear or Elex, though it has a different flavor. Improving on the HD 700 or HD 630VB is still a possibility, to replace the current models.
I hear what you are saying,, but what are the sales numbers for the 800 "flagship" nowadays year-to-year... flagship status is great, euros fill the coffer. The real Godlike flagship is the one that some have climbed the mountain to hear, then returned speaking of Nirvana, but who actually owns a pair? The Orpheus... Very interesting is that MD had looked into a collaboration with Senn on a grafted electrostatic version, at a more mere mortal price point,, and then,, - if it comes to fruition - the future for the 800...?
The 630VB, I have never heard, never seen in a store, liked the concept, seems like a DOA due to high price; beaten by too many cheaper alternatives in the bass heavy department. Used on eBay ~$140...
MEMS as audio transducers, is a very interesting technology for cans beyond electrostatics etc., as well as many other markets that are being focused on now. Phased array capability... damn... true acoustic holography... an old post fyi: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/2405/digital-sonic-fluidity?utm_source=linkshare&referer=HBCVS7