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ANNOUNCEMENT: 5 New Communities!


Hi everyone,
We’re very excited to announce that we’re launching five new communities! Launching new communities isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. A lot of thought and effort goes into every new community we create, and we’ve worked diligently to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward and making something you can really enjoy. We could not (and would not!) have done this without you. Now, let’s dive into how we chose these communities, the process, and what’s next.
We have a few simple guidelines that have always helped us determine which communities to create. Each new community should possess one or more of these qualities:
1. Community requested by Massdrop members 2. Community we believe we can meaningfully help and grow 3. Community that can be split off from our existing communities
As you can see, first and foremost, we listen to the community at large. This comes in the form of Talk posts, comments, polls, and even direct conversations. Not too long ago, we surveyed a group of Massdrop members to see which new communities we should move into. After compiling that data with our own research, we were able to narrow down the list to the five communities you see below.
Each of these new communities is a split-off of its parent community. This splitting off makes it easier for us to devote the time and effort necessary to grow each community as we ourselves grow as a company. Will this always be the way we do it? Definitely not. The process of creating new communities itself will evolve as well, and we’re very much looking forward to what comes next.
So, without further ado, here are the newest additions to Massdrop communities:

Baking Community
Aprons and ovens on! In the Baking Community, home bakers can shop bakeware and swap recipes for the best cakes, breads, pastries, and more.


Board Games Community
It’s all fun and games—literally. The Board Games Community is home to new and award-winning tabletop titles, and the gamers who love them.

Flashlights Community
Whether the power’s out or you’re looking for keys in the dark, the world’s a little brighter when you’ve got the right flashlight in hand.

PC Gaming Community Conquer your opponents in comfort. The PC Gaming Community has all the battlestation essentials, from headsets and monitors to keyboards, mice, and ergonomic chairs.

Trading Card Games Community
Connect with a community of Magic fans around the world, stay up to date on new releases, and check out today’s most popular trading card games.

But what about cycling? Coffee? Leather-working? Women’s apparel?
Creating new communities will always be an ongoing and evolving process for us. There are many more communities to break into, and we’re listening to what all of you think should come next. We take your posts, polls, votes, and comments to heart, so keep letting us know which ones matter to you the most as we continue to create more.
We’ve created a new poll so everyone can add their suggestions for which new communities we should create.

Thank you all so much for all of your input, feedback, and suggestions.

What do you think of the new communities?
Which ones should be on Massdrop next?
gtg427s, Susan Martsolf, and 51 others

Women's accessories and/or apparel (similar to the men's section)? ? :)
This is something we've been talking about ALOT and greatly want to see in the future of new communities. It's very clear we need (as we certainly want) more categories for women.
Bible Journaling
Apparel sewing and design, not quilting. Don’t want to see flashlights and knives
Quilting should continue
I’ve never been able to find a site with others interested in Coffins and Coffin Polishing. It’s always been a great interest of mine since I was a child, all of my little cardboard made coffins stacked up. any similar likes?
Dog sports. Agility, tracking, rally, skijoring, bikejoring, mushing, hiking, biking with your dog... So MANY dog sports that require equipment (or can be improved by judicious use of equipment).
I'm crossing my fingers for a BEER BREWING section soon.
If people are interested, it would be nice to see a paddle community. Sea Kayaking, white water & canoe gear.
I would like to see a men's grooming supply with safety razors straight razors and wet shaving supplies trimmers accept or a
That would be nice brother! Men’s Grooming would be nice.
I am pretty sure some of those have already been under the beauty community
It would be great if some of the clothing and items were big and tall sizes. It is difficult to find mens fashion underwear, socks, leisure wear and etc. in sizes for men over 6 feet and of heavier statures. Love the fine pens, papers, cooking, collectables, glass, and unique items.
How about a BBQ/Grilling community? With BBQ related items? Knives, Gloves, and other accessories.
Cycling/biking! I don't know how much general interest there would be, but I'd love to see it.
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Thats a beautiful fixie omg.
There are a lot of high margin products in cycling that would work well in the Massdrop business model, having plenty of room for discounts.
Brewing: Coffee, tea, beer, etc. Grinders, brewing hardware, ingredients, glassware, lots of options.
We used to have a Coffee & Tea community but it was sunset some time ago. Would love to bring this one back. Seeing your other comment about Cycling let's me know we're on the same page here.
"Retro". Like retro tech, retro looking knick knacks, even retro clothes perhaps.
I was hoping for fishing to be one really bad, I would spend so much money and save so much money here. Hope it becomes a Communitie so day
Fishing would be a great community- there are so many items and companies that could be under that community. Fresh and saltwater -
Need more votes for the new communities poll. I've hit the limit at 3, but would like to see some of the other suggestions as well.
Woodworking community?
Leather working would be great. Try and go beyond the sort of stuff you can get at say, Tandy. Unusual and great quality tools, dyes and adhesives. Great deals on unusual or just very good quality leather. I do Medieval and Ancient re-enacting and make reproductions of medieval shoes and cuir bouilli armor and drinking vessels.
Woo! Fellow nerds rejoice!
how about adding a dog training community? or pets community?
Cannabis community. Dab rigs, vaporizers, grinders, growing etc.
Dont these communities already exist? There's not a whole lot of content within their "parent" community (cooking and hobbies) as is, so why is there a need to make a more specific one?
Because otherwise you get spammed with a lot of other stuff you don't necessarily want. If you have more communities you can more specifically choose what content you are interested in.
Opportunities for expansion like this always come down to, and reveal, a company's values.
You just told women that you value flashlights and trading cards over women's apparel.
Flashlights, which are part and parcel of EDC, and tabletop games and trading cards, which fall neatly into hobbies.
Good to know what's important to you as a company, and what's not.
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There's no man's apparel community either.
The new communities were chosen based on what most people on this platform are interested in. And it turns out that the there's thousands of people buying flashlights, so they made a flashlight community. They are not your personal company, they are gonna do what most people want, not what you personally want.
'Women's apparel' as a community is too vague and kind of assumes we all have similar shapes or style interests. It's better to keep communities focused on a topic and keep apparel in those.
A size/fit filter might be nice though. Especially if short or tall could be highlighted.
I've grown to trust Massdrop as I've never been disappointed by their products. I'd love to see them offering unlocked, high quality cell phones and accessories. I'm tired of having to jump through hoops to get the phones I want without having to sign contracts with carriers I don't want to do business with.
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Good information. I'm an old, retired paramedic on a fixed income and have to make the eagle scream when it comes to spending but I still want quality products. I'll look into this company and I appreciate your information and help. Have a good day buddy.
Here is the link to their home page
Wait, the Hobby Shop community is almost exclusively TCG and tabletop gaming stuff, wouldn't it be better to make "sub-communities" or a tagging system that allows us to filter a product by type?
Yeah, this feels like splitting the Hobby community for no reason.
Coffee gets my vote!
Bring back the vape/smoke community.
yeah.. Massdrop probably doesn't want their brand to be associated with marijuana use
I don't disagree with you. But it's not a taboo like it has been in the past. And there's more to vaping than marijuana
How about a fountain pen colector community?
Great more nerd communities
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great more people complaining about nothing useful
I agree it wasn’t sarcastic
I love all the communities and Massdrop in general, but I am a heavy mobile user, and I know many friends who are the same way, and we would LOVE to see a mobile app. It would be much more effiecient than searching on my phone browser. I'm sure its's already in the works, but I just wanted to let you know that it will be very much appreciated!
Totally hear ya and feel your pain. Stay tuned... :)
For now, try adding the browser bookmark to your homescreen. Works like a charm for easy access.