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Classic Board Games?

Hi Board Games community - excited to see this community launch! Got me thinking of board games I loved as a kid, and actually continue to love today. For me, the standard was always Monopoly.....always wanted to be the car and definitely was all about being the banker. Had the original set and then supplemented with the specific sets based on theme or location. What about you?
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Sorry is my go-to.
Monopoly still is a great game I love to play. I have bought it for all the gaming systems I have had that offered it. If I had money for every game of it I have played in my lifetime, I could buy Boardwalk and Park Place a million times over.
Clue or Scrabble are always at the top of my list.
I have to say that, for me, it has to be the UNO games, for more board game game then Marathon, i remember playing it with my gandma and always loosing with the 'ignorance' that moved forward every time we answered wrong