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Would it be cheaper to buy a barebones desktop and buy what it is missing or just buy a complete one or buy all parts and build my own?

This will be my first desktop computer

if you have the funds build your own
PC building will save you 200 box simply because you build your self. And buying parts on ebay will save you another 20%ish. eg. I got my 1080ti for 600 back in the days, now it is like 400 used.
Generally speaking buying all parts from ground up. Put in the research and time and it will A) better help you understand the in's and outs of building a PC B)understand how to easier upgrade any component down the line and C) make it more your own then having some parts already chosen for you.
Heck I fully expect after the satisfaction of putting together your first PC, you will get an itch to add this, tweak that and so on!
Build your own from scratch
I would say buy all the parts and then build it. I am a very good PC builder. I can help you out with your budget. I can tell you the best for your budget. Just send me an email at mtrextn@gmail.com
Thank you fin170 i will check out your profile
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