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Two extremes of the Swatch Group

These two pieces really typify why Swatch Group is what it is to the watch world. I had these two pieces recently pass through my hands, and it got me thinking just how far the company has come since the little plastic quartz timepieces of the 80’s. These two are by no means the pinnacle for the brand, but just show how broad the brush strokes are with the company.
Being that I love vintage Swatch, I‘m always on the lookout for unique n’ funky.
The SUBD112 Dragons Revenge (2004 collection) $65usd.
And something advanced, the new for 2018 Omega Constellation Globemaster Annual Calendar. MSRP $8600usd.
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I really wanted to like the Globemaster Annual Calendar, even made a trip down to the local Omega boutique for a test drive. Long story short, I loved everything about it... except the thickness. It's something like 14mm, which is far too obtrusive for a dressy watch.
My perception of Swatch was stuck in the 80's, which is to say mostly negative with occasional begrudging admiration. But that's changed since I started following the watch community here at MD. Thanks to you I have greater respect for the brand now.
Do you still follow Swatch releases pretty closely? How many are in your collection?
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A work of art and definitely something to be proud of.
I had to scroll way to much until i saw a pocket watch. I really would like a pocket watch, cant stand wearing wrist watches, keyboard all day.