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Lost Packages

Has anyone ever lost packages delivered from MassDrop. Recently I bought a Kershaw Blackout (~$37) that I never received. USPS said "delivered in mailbox" but I received no packages.
Created a case with USPS but no one ever called me back after 4 business days.
Massdrop support was kind enough to offer me a replacement/refund but they mentioned that can only do it once. I opted out of this one-time offer for now; I'd rather sacrifice my $37 this time and wait till USPS loses a higher value package before burning this option.
I'd probably also be wary about ordering anything seriously expensive from MassDrop because USPS is notoriously unreliable in my locality.
Also, I found I cannot file a claim to USPS because the package was not insured by MassDrop. So if you burn your one-time replacement/refund option and USPS loses your package again you are shit out of luck.
My question to MassDrop support was:
1. Does MassDrop insure the delivery or is there an option for me to insure the package delivery even if by paying extra bucks? 
2. Is there an option to choose a different carrier (like UPS) over USPS even if by paying extra bucks?
Yet to hear from them on this but my money is on "no" for both answers.
Meanwhile I'd like to know your thoughts on this matter.
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I know this is an old thread, but I thought this might help.
There's a link to complain about missing packages, when you want to complain to the Postmaster General. They treat those search requests with priority. Because they're trying to divert your complaint from the Postmaster to a priority search request. They treat it sort of like complaining to Jeff Bezos instead of to Amazon Customer Service. Do not use the standard search request. You won't even get an automated reply for about 4 or 5 weeks, which is too late. You have to use that priority search request that's linked on the contact Postmaster General page.
When you submit your priority request, you'll receive a reply (appears personal with a name attached) and personal follow up on the search results. In your case, the search request will only work, if your package wasn't misdelivered or stolen off your door step. Because obviously, your package is gone and they can't get it back. But in most cases, (in my case maybe 100%) it's postal employees stealing packages. They pull the promising looking packages (jewelry, electronics) out of the system (tracking stops) and hold them for about a week. If no one comes looking for it, they steal it. So you have to act quickly. They'll know, if your package was delivered, because those electronic boxes used to scan packages as delivered record the GPS coordinates of the location of the delivery scan. So when you complain, they'll know if the package was stolen off your door step (GPS coordinates match your address), misdelivered (GPS doesn't match) or went missing inside a postal facility (tracking stops or scanned as delivered inside a postal facility).
Watch the tracking info closely. If the tracking stops, it most likely means postal employees have pulled your package out of the system, and are waiting to see, if anyone comes looking for the package. Or, if the package is marked delivered, does the tracking info make any sense? In few of my cases, postal employees scanned the packages as delivered inside the distribution centers and not on my doorstep. And the tracking info didn't make any sense. Because those distribution centers didn't deliver to my area. The tracking info should have said, departing XX distribution center, arriving XX local post office, sorting complete, out for delivery. But the fake tracking info said, arriving XX distribution center, delivered. The postal inspectors knew this, because the GPS locations where the packages were scanned as delivered had to have been inside the distribution centers. And I spoke to the mail carrier and he said if the tracking didn't say, sorting complete and out for delivery, it's not on his truck for delivery.
I hate to say this, but I suspect all of my missing packages except those from China (where they never shipped but were marked as shipped) were stolen inside postal facilities. I've had loads of packages (insured, Priority Mail) going missing in postal facilities across the country. I've never had that rare case where a package went missing for weeks but then unexpectedly showed up. Unfortunately, I'd say until someone does something about this, it's only going to get worse.
Sorry this happened to you. I hope this can help :)
Wayne this is very helpful. I'll be resorting to this the next time I'm screwed by USPS.
I used to ship stuff via USPS when I ran an online shop, and the key for the customer is to keep an eye on the tracking and complain immediately when a delivery is noted but you didn't get the package. The carrrier may remember delivering it one block over from you, or someone in the post office might be putting it aside to see if the recipient will complain or not before stealing it or whatever. An immediate complaint has a higher chance of turning up your package.
From the seller side, customers will try to cheat you, so you can't just send out a replacement in every instance.
at least you got a reply, massdrop has ignored me everytime i've attempted to chase down packages that were apparently delivered.
seriously? you mean to say you met a dead end after trying to get in touch with MD support about your packages?
I HAVE ALWAYS wondered why there aren't more options for shipping, at MY expense. Vendor loses nothing...but I get my pkg. I support your inquiry!
Is your mailbox out in the open accessible to anyone? Could someone have stole your package? That's why I have a P.O. Box and I try to be home if it's a UPS delivery. So far I haven't had any lost or stolen packages yet.
Nope. My mailbox can only be opened from the front with my key and from the back with USPS's key. Someone arbitrary stealing the package is not a possibility.
Usually giving it a few days helps. UPS transferred ownership of the delivery to USPS which had it marked as delivered. A couple business days later I had the package left at the door.
I waited 3.5 months for speakers I ordered in December. Messaged support a few times and always got the "it's coming response". So I waited. They now informed me that my order was "lost". I was refunded but screw me I guess I didn't really want the speakers. They lost a customer cause of this kind of stuff, and it was my FIRST ORDER with them. It seems like they don't know much about what they're doing, or just customer service in general.
Suggest contacting your postmaster directly rather than via web. They are pretty good about tracking stuff down. Check the time of delivery and see if it matches anything else you received- chances are a neighbor received it instead. I know my PM has gone directly to a home to retrieve a mis-delivered package for me.
Bekah from MD Support contacted me and said she is arranging a refund for my lost Kershaw Blackout knife. She was also nice enough to mention that this refund is not a one-time exception which relieved me a bit. I should say MD support does a pretty good job of satisfying their customers.
Good hear that. Massdrop customer support has been very good with a few order issues I had and they resolved them quickly.
I was in a similar situation recently. Asend lost a package sent by Massdrop to me and it was a whole drama until I've got a refund. Not a one time favour from Massdrop, they just concluded the package was lost, there was no tracking information updated for about five weeks... I agree Massdrop needs to review their shipping policies and procedures. Otherwise... I'll drop out...
Yes, I have decided I will probably stick to Amazon for higher value purchases even if there is some savings in Massdrop offering. Unlike Massdrop I am certain my money will never be lost with Amazon if the courier misplaces my package, even if that happens 3 times a week.
One more thing about my lost package -- Massdrop Customer Service gives me a Premium Rate Telephone number to call the courier and sort out my lost package issue... Here is the email: Joe (Massdrop Community Support) Jan 20, 11:00 AM PST Hello, Thanks for contacting Massdrop Support. I have checked over your order and it does appear that this item was transported initially through Asendia. Asendia's tracking information is rather limited. Tracking details typically end when the item is handed over to a local courier for final delivery. We have no additional tracking details for this item. You will need to reach out directly to Asendia with the recipient name and shipping address, they should be able to provide you with additional information regarding which local courier they handed the shipment off to and where the item currently is in transit. In most cases I believe Asendia works with Canada Post so they should be able to provide you with updated tracking number for your order. Asendia: + 00900-888-777-00 I hope this information helps. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us. Best Regards, Joe
What do you think?!?
Its Canada , that's your problem
I just found out that the courier (Asend) lost my package from Massdrop. First, I find it totally unacceptable that Massdrop Customer Service wants me to deal with the courier and find out what happened with the shipment. And when I say totally unacceptable, I mean TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. The standard of the industry is: you make sure that the item that you sold me makes it to me. It's between you and your courier, not between me and your courier. Second, the prices Massdrop charges for shipping and their choice of couriers and shipping methods are... strange... to say the least...
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Yup you have to consider the Massdrop discount plus the shipping cost compared to Amazon especially if your a Amazon Prime subscriber. You can't beat free 2 day shipping.
As someone who works in logistics - How clueless are you? Adding options for signature required etc would not be a “nightmare” for Massdrop. I know how warehouses ship items - they hand off entire pallets of packages to USPS/UPS/FedEx/whoever, and Massdrop never even knows which packages get what delivery options, because the shipping labels are predetermined by a computer system and just printed by a warehouse employee and slapped on the box. There’s nothing complex about adding delivery options, my man. The entire process lies with the courier.
Who the hell still ships uninsured packages? If MD really does that they are obligated to send you a replacement, regardless how often it gets lost. (At least in Germany)
I get worried when someone or a dealer ships uninsured. Does that mean I'm SOL if the package is lost forever?
If anyone sends a package uninsured they don't have proof that they sent it at all. Also, usually the companies are responisble for shipping which means that THEIR product gets lost before it's YOURS. So I see absolutely no reason why you should be screwed if they mess up.
Ive had a order recently say the same thing for about 5 days until I truly got it
It has been 10 days now for me so I have actually lost hope.