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What's your setup?

What headphones do you use? What DAC/ Amp do you use?
Optional but recommended: post a pic.
I've got the AKG K7XX, Philips Fidelio X2, and the Senn HD 6XX, all of which are being driven by the Aune T1 (and when I have a friend over I have a Monoprice amp that I can use at the same time).
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LCD-3, JH Audio Angie are the headphones I use most. Source components are Modi 2U and TC760LC (phono preamp not shown) into a Jotunheim for amplification. I use the Duet for its inputs on my Mac.
Currently trying the Stax SRS-3100 system (SR-L500 + SRM-353X) with the output from the Vali 2's preamp and a Modi 2 DAC. The sound is loads different than running the DAC straight into the SRM-353X.
How does the Vali change the sound?
Depends on the tube, but this Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold Pin makes everything sound more alive and energetic. It's rough around the edges though, and the Stax don't let you ignore any of the distortion added. It's fun but I don't think I'll keep it this way :-)
Nice setup pal have you tried tube rolling?
Current setup for me I am using the burson conductor into the hd650 also hooked up to a stax 2170.
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Yeah will Deffo be getting some tubes to see what the difference is but always preferred the warm sound from tubes.
I'm enjoying the conductor it's quite a step up from my smsl m6 dac amp probably my end point for dac amp. It is my first taste of the sabre dac and must admit I love the sound it's got a sparkle to it that the smsl didn't. I hear it pairs well with audeze but am yet to try a pair.
Yeah the amp is lovely like you I'm not sure on the tubes but I know the power is an rca something XD I'm new to the world of tubes. I am considering using it as a preamp for my speakers but like you say it gets hot and space is limited.
I've been looking at some beyer headphones seen some used at a good price you recommend them?