Oct 18, 2018314 views
Finally...welcome to the stable...Nighthawks!! :D
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I love my Night Owl Carbons! great, great cans, and really no need for an amp with my LG V30.
I hear ya, these things sound great out of anything!
Nightowls would be a great companion! Want!
Looks really good
Thanks, the sound matches it's looks!
They're so......SHINY!
so..SO...Shinny!!?! :P
Welcome to the NightBird club. My NightOwl are my BFFs and recently had the chance to audition the NightHawk and they’re nearly identical if anything the hawk has a slightly larger soundstage which is a good thing. The only reason I sent them back is that they are just too close to the Owl to be worth having a duplicate of :) Amazing cans and IMO at $300 the best deal in the market right now.
Thank you my friend, after a few days with this beast of a headphone, I now, get the appreciation it receives from other owners. The NH's are an amazing headphone!
Also, I'm very, very tempted to grab the Nightowl's as a life partner for the NH's. An isolating NH would be immensely enjoyable experience!
I've always wondered about the Audioquest offering. Are the Nighthawks considered open, semi-open?
They are semi-open, they keep out a fair bit of background noise as well!
Beautiful headphone!