Oct 18, 201866 views

Who Else Has Wide Feet?

I wanted to get in on a new hiking boot drop (https://www.massdrop.com/buy/adidas-terrex-swift-r2-mid-gtx-hiking-shoes), but there's no option for ordering wide shoes. I learned in comments that this is an on-going problem with shoe drops at MD.

So if you too want to see wide sizes offered, like and comment here and share this post in various shoe drops to get out the word!
Warz, Hawkeye69, and 10 others

Yes! I have the same issues with especially hiking boot companies. So I've searched and called companies to address not only the wide aspect but other issues such as toe box heal cup etc. So far haven't got a company that I work with,or that really cares. Hopefully soon. Ernie
Wanted to get in on 2 drops but no wide option. 12 men's wide is pretty common, whats the problem here? Large companies like Adidas etc should not have an issue fulfilling orders etc.
ME! I love my Altras but I only wear the Olympus, I'd love to see those here. HOKA's were way too narrow for me - I used to wear them exclusively but my feet expanded when I started hiking more and they no longer work for me.
Seeing more Altra drops would be nice for this exact reason. Hoka One One as well
Not just wide but a good foot bed