Oct 18, 201864 views
Friday's feeling good, summer's coming on. Seiko Samurai is part of that good feelin'.
Hi & good health to all.
Alexander Novodvorsky, lhryan, and 13 others

Nice watch. If you don't mind me asking how good does it do for keeping time?
I'm not one to be a stickler for watches to be spot on. My watches get worn for 3or 4 days at a time. The Samurai is pretty damn good from what I can tell. I wind it in the morning and check it against my mobile (cell) phone and it seems very good. If you want pure accuracy go with a quartz powered watch.I have a few Seikos- all automatics, some windable - the more expensive ones and some not, plus 2 Solar powered. Bottom line is I've had nothing to complain about to this point in time. Hope this helps.
Thank you for the answer to my question. However I think I might of been too vague when asking it. I actually own a automatic Bulova and I had a older Seiko Auto a while back so I do understand there's always a bit of time gained or lost depending on the model and or a watch from that particular model. I was just curious how you felt it stood up against other similar classed watches. I see now this watch is rated at -35/+45 per day witch I realize is extremely pessimistic lol. Thank you for posting this I'm really thinking of getting one I really like the look of it. 👍