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Which Grand Seiko would you rather.....

With Grand Seiko releasing time pieces that check so many boxes, (including the use of the 9R65 Spring Drive heartbeat in both) I had to put this out..... If you had to Choose between the Snowflake, or the new Kira Zuri, which would you rather add to the arsenal?
The legendary, all business Titanium SBGA211 “Snowflake”
Or the ice blue, no non-sense Stainless case of the Kira Zuri inspired SBGA311
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Ice blue. Plus I’d guess the titanium scratches much more easily than SS .... for tool watches that’s fine, for this I’d hate to see lots of scratches.
Kira Zuri you get both worlds where it can show off your wrist but also be more subtle (all relevant to what you're wearing).
I first thought the snowflake but now I'm thinking the ice. How about both? What an amazing watch and movement. I'll take any watch with the 9R65 spring drive movement.
Wow I researched all the grand seiko spring drive movements yesterday. 6 hours later I'm even more intrigued. I will be saving to get one on my wrist.
Ice, ice baby...
I love the way the blue second hand stands out on the snow white dial so I lean toward the snowflake.
I'm now leaning towards the new one due to the SS case rather than titanium.
I anticipate changing my mind multiple times on these two.
Not seeing them in person I would go for the snowflake but this could change if I had the chance to try them on my wrist.
I've always liked the look of the Grand Seiko and that Ice Blue is positively stunning. It's enough to stop you dead in your tracks. 😨😱😵 😉
Not having seen either watch in person, I'd go for Snowflake.
However, I've found that the charms of high-end Seikos don't really translate well in photographs, and a great deal of complexity and refinement of these watches is visible only on a physical inspection.
I therefore reserve the right to change my mind.
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In every other circumstance, I would recommend the mechanical version of a watch over its quartz iteration, if there is one.
Here is where I make an exception. I actually prefer the quartz Mondaine Stop2Go over the automatic version. These replicate not just the look of Swiss railway clocks, but also their unique operation where the second hand pauses for 1.5 seconds at the top of every minute.
I know of no other watch that can, or indeed should, do this. The Sellita version, while perfectly serviceable, is just rather pedestrian in comparison.
^This And even this was something I learned first hand. Even if the photos are good, there are angles (+light) that blow your mind away that a photo cant capture.
I’d have to go with the Snowflake. I’m not into titanium, but the way Seiko crafts the titanium cases is nothing short of artistic.
Funny, I'm a sucker for all things titanium, but I like the ice-blue. Maybe the the bargain-bin price of the SBGA387 is whispering to my subconscious, "you know, your car has lasted you 7 years already, it can last another 5"
I think that’s TWO dancers on the periphery now......!