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Going with an old favorite. I've been thinnning the herd lately (shipped 2 watches this morning) but this one is never going to leave.

With Seiko quietly phasing out the SKX line, I've been tempted to get myself a 007 and mod it up...
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Nice one!! I just bought the angus jubilee from strapcode for my 009, and now i can not take it from my wrist! This one os a foreverkeeper!
Not a huge mod fan, but I surpringly enjoyed the DIY accelerated aging mods Bark & Jack on YouTube did to his SKX007 - bleached bezel, coffee stained lume, brushed bracelet. Check it out if you haven’t already!
what look would you go for if you mod it? will you buy the parts and have a watchmaker mod it for you or send it in to dagaz etc?
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nice, the bezel really suits it up.
bracelet info?
phasing out the SKX??? Are they really doing this? Sounds incredible, at least to a watch newby as myself, who doesn't own an SKX that they might want to get rid of one of the most iconic first watches for many.
However, to the best of our knowledge, Seiko has discontinued the SKX007. Typical of the Japanese brand, they did so sometime recently without any announcement, and because new units are still available it was easy to miss the demise of this now-classic diver.
While a beloved watch, it is over 20 years old at this point.
There are not a lot of bases an SKX can’t cover. Like the bracelet Vin..... Good Keeper