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Did I need the acrylic stand? Nah. But it's pretty. Very impressed by the quality of the 6xx's and the 58x Jubilees (not pictured). The D30 and A30 are pretty great for the price. Kind of amazing actually. Sadly I purchased elsewhere, I could've saved a penny or two. All things being equal, this is a pretty great rig for under $400. Can't wait to hear the 6xx's balanced through the DX7s! Thank you Massdrop. Hosting the community discussions is super helpful for selecting gear and the savings you bring via the mass purchasing model really create value!
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I wonder how this compares to say the Dragonfly Red? I have the hd600s and a cheaper DAC now. I have heard this thing is amazing and I hear the same of Dragonfly. Any chance that you have demoed both of them?
Sorry, I have not had the chance to try the Dragonfly Red but it gets great reviews. I have the FX Audio DAC X-6 and a PS Audio Sprout 100. Both of those are decent DAC's. I'd give the advantage to the PS Audio. I think the FX audio DAC that I got has a defective headphone amp or something is defective in the signal path. It has massive amounts of noise in it. The Topping A30 is a much better headphone amp than what my copy of the FX audio. But then I tried the FX audio as just a DAC and ran the signal into my Parasound Z-pre and Z-amp and was really impressed. So I don't think it's the DAC on the FX audio that's bad, just the headphone amp, I may pop open my FX audio open and see if I have a bad cap or op-amp that I can swap out because as a DAC it's not bad.
With what I have on hand I'd rank my current DACs as all comparably capable. I'm 46 years old with some hearing loss in my left ear so take that into consideration. It could be that one of them is heads and shoulders above the rest but my old ears can divine the difference. As a disclaimer I am not feeding DSD into any of them so it's all PCM from lossless CD rips. I have just gotten back into audio after 20 plus years out of the game and haven't really looked into DSD too much yet and question if my ears (because of aforementioned hearing loss) would even hear the difference.
To power my headphones though I will say that the clear winner is my Parasound z-amp. I'm not sure what the output impedance is on it but it plays really nice with both my pairs of Sennheisers and sounds. The Topping A30 and Sprout are comparable with a slight nod to the Topping for sheer oomph but both sound a little clinical compared to the Parasound. That's not necessarily bad for critical listening but for pure enjoyment I like the Parasound the best. I'm really interested in the Emotiva BasX A100 based on my positive experience with the Parasound. They may not have been designed as headphone amps but perhaps they are such good designs that they suit that task very well. My FX audio comes in dead last but, like I said, I think I have a bad copy. It's not worth sending the FX back because I'm using it as a DAC for a bookshelf system and for that it's great.
It's a great little shelf. Other stuff fits too.

I don't have the DX7S but the regular X7S is great with the HD600/HD650. And everything else I own.
+1 on the X7S.
who made the acrylic stand? Nice way to stack!
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You bet. Here's the link. Really well made. I read that some had trouble getting the protective paper off of the acrylic but I didn't have any issues. All in all I'm pretty impressed with Topping's offerings although the best thing I've pushed these Sennheisers through so far is the headphone out of my Parasound Z-amp v2. Didn't expect that. Now I'm curious about getting the Emotiva BasX 100 to see how that sounds since you can install jumpers and bypass the resistors.
Interesting! I wouldn't expect that either. Do post up any experiences you have with the Emotiva.... always keen to hear diversity in gear! :)
THANX for the link!