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Home Automation Community?

Yeah so, this could be huge. There are a billion devices out there already, and many more to come. We've already seen a few things pop up in Tech, like the Skybell. But let's not forget about the Nest, or the Ecobee, or the smart switches and dimmers, smart locks, sensors, sensors, sensors... And since it's Massdrop, why not include the in-wall control panels... or the Aeon Touch Panel switch. Let's do it.
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Nest and similar are hardly DIY. Those products are overly expensive. A DIY forum ought to make better use of micro controllers, software, and simple D/A circuits. (Arduino & Adafruit, for example, make fun add-ons......)
Any bluetooth IoT like Nest is a no-go since there is absolutely no encryption and/or firewall and no way to turn it off. Give me a good z-wave device any day for home automation.
I have been searching for devices that are based on z wave and would love to see items and advice with regard to home automation.
A good entry level controller would be a { Honeywell Ademco TUXWIFIW Controller } with a { Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U } thermostat and then any camera's, sirens, window breaks, motions, etc you want.
i'm with you. I use devices with homekit because of the seamless integration with iOS devices. I would like to see the Mixtile on here when it comes out.
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