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Campfire Audio Solaris - Quad Driver Hybrid

Well, they're finally here: https://campfireaudio.com/shop/solaris/.
I think I'm about to place an order for them now. The ADLC driver Campfire has right now is easily my favorite DD and I think these would be the perfect compliment to the Atlas.

EDIT: Just purchased a pair. I'll be sure to drop my impressions here once I receive them.
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i'm a huge CA fan (Vegas and Jupiters). The Solaris look remarkable for sure, congrats on your purchase. I recently bought RHA CL2 Planars though and they're so epic I'm hoping I'm done. Looking forward to your review!
@Rish372 Well, I've had them since Saturday so just very early impressions. Ken from CA recommends burn-in for these (as with all the ADLC drivers) so I'm still putting them through the paces. Either way, first impressions: Very holographic. A very deep and layered sound. The width is good, not as intimate, but how deep these go is startling. For once, people playing instruments don't sound on top of one another but actually sound like they're next to each other. A cool effect. I also hear a lot more ambience of the room/hall/venue where the recording took place. Lots of echo, reverb, etc. effects that give some life that I haven't noticed across many different songs. Bass is tight and has a slight boost. This is no Atlas (😢), but it SOUNDS like the bass from the Atlas. Just lacks the impact and extension but the tonality is spot-on and it's relatively flat. The mids are very Andromeda-like. I prefer them as they aren't as in-your-face and aggressive. Dynamic and smooth. Just like the treble. Sparkly and smooth with just enough air. Really, a perfect balance. No fatigure, no sibilance, no hotness, nothing ever sounds tizzy, bass never bloated, and vocals never shouty. Everything here is wonderfully balanced with a holographic soundstage, marvelous imaging and stereo separation, and just enough thickness and impact down-low that's never muddy to make music sound full and fun. They're really a culmination of various TOTL Campfire offerings and that is apparent. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, refine it and make it just unique enough, and you have the Solaris.
Any follow up thoughts, 2 weeks in. I'm looking for endgame IEMs and I feel like these may be they but.... there really never is an endgame, is there?
Hesus--- I think I'll wait 15 years until the tech gets to around 300$. I just don't have that. Maybe when my car's paid off. Look fab though. I will be getting those close backed Focals doe.
Look into the BGVP DM6 if the Campfire prices are a bit too much. They're between $153 and $215 or less depending on where and how and when you get them and they are AMAZING! The BEST in ear out of China right now. They have 5 BA drivers per ear and are available in several colors. I have them in clear and it goes nicely with the silver cable which is sexy.
thanks for the reply, sincerely appreciated. I sure will.
They are a pretty set of ear bling, and I'm sure they sound amazing. Can't wait to hear thoughts.
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Agree, my personal library clocks in at the 6 figure file mark and you can find just about every genre represented (No opera, no show tunes, not a lot pre-1960). I appreciate cans/iems that can play well with most of my library. Still looking for that one "all-rounder to rule them all" on the full sized can part. The K10u works with just about everything I've tried so far, I think I've found my IEM happy place. The Elex was close to being what I need but the upper mid/lower treble transition isn't quite as linear/smooth as I would like and it's missing 5-10 hz in bass extension. I'm seriously considering the HE-6SE but not sure I want to lay down that much cash.
EDIT: Nvm, saw your thoughts! Thank you for that -----Did I miss your thoughts on the Solaris? Very curious!