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Hamilton Fans

Another looker! New, limited edition (Again) homage release... The Hamilton Intra Matic 68.
Valijoux based movement, its a big boy though at 42mm!

With Basel creeping up quick, I wonder what other goodies will be waiting.....
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I love the Panda dial on this puppy, but I have to agree also that it will probably look to visually large with that thin bezel and the pushers being so pronounced. I am still excited though that watch makers are pushing some envelopes while remembering heritage
I wonder how this wears, with the internal bezel and long lugs (based on the eye test) it might wear even larger than the listed size.
I'm usually not one to harp on size but I agree with @Brendoes. Perhaps it didn't need to be 38mm, but I feel like 40mm would have been a good balance between keeping up with the modern size trends without overdoing it.
A disaster at 42mm !! It's all dial. It would be perfect at 38mm - such a shame.
THE year of panda/reverse panda dial!
Looking that way
You did indeed say that my friend! (I said the same thing....)
I can't believe I'm about to say this.
But only $2k? Not bad at all.
$2k for a Hamilton is quite normal - I wouldn't say it is low... hopefully that's the RRP and street price would be much discounted like their Pan Europ chronos which you can get at places like Ashfords for less than $1k.
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