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Massdrop MTG: New Team Announcement!

The new season is underway and we’re excited to announce our brand new team. Previously known respectively as Massdrop East and Massdrop West, our consolidated Magic: The Gathering squad now goes by Massdrop MTG.
Along with the new team name comes a new face, Jack Kiefer. Though a newcomer to the group, he’s been playing MTG for the better part of his young life and has a lot to contribute to the team. He finished 8th at the most recent Pro Tour, the 25th Anniversary event in Minneapolis, locking Gold status for the upcoming cycles.
The returning members haven’t slouched in the past year, either. Pascal Maynard kicked the season off with a 2nd place finish at Pro Tour Ixalan, and Mark Jacobson won Grand Prix Mexico City only a few weeks ago. With an extra Pro Tournament this year there is plenty for the team to prepare for so cheer them on as they kick things off.
Check out the roster below and get to know the team.
Mark Jacobson (Team Captain) · Profile: www.massdrop.com/profile/MarkJacobson/ · Twitter: @markjmtg
Pascal Maynard · Profile: www.massdrop.com/profile/PascalMaynard/ · Twitter: @PascalMaynard · Twitch: /PascalMaynard · Instagram: Pmayne
Jon Stern · Profile: www.massdrop.com/profile/JonStern/ · Twitter: @JonSternMTL
Benjamin Weitz · Profile: www.massdrop.com/profile/BenjaminWeitz/ · Twitter: @bsweitz123
Timothy Wu · Profile: www.massdrop.com/profile/TimothyWu/ · Twitter: @wutings
Jack Kiefer · Profile: www.massdrop.com/profile/JackKiefer/ · Twitter: @jackbkiefer

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congrats and thank you guys for making it happen