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The Breitling Superocean Heritage II Chrono Outerknown edition

Breitling snuck this out on the masses, a special edition Superocean Heritage 44. This model is being realeased in support of surf legend Kelly Slater’s Outerknown foundation, an initiative undertaking the clean up of our oceans and environmental protection.
kind of like it!
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I would wear the heck out of this watch. Love the materiality and the cause.
Thanks for sharing this one @StainlessOnly. I like the look of the watch just not sure about the yarn band.
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Hi @StainlessOnly. I think this is actually a very deep topic: what is intrinsic value? There are many factors to it and I think we both agree that there's something unstated that can't be quantified on a spreadsheet that people yearn for: quality, artistry, and wonderful execution of a concept. Hope you are well. I always enjoy our short chats online :)
I too enjoy the exchanges Z, it’s nice when I can chat with someone who understands how timepieces transcend the the parameters of “value”. I can literally tell a story (or ten) for every single timepiece I won (and even some of the ones I have sold off!) and those are part of the experience. cheers friend