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How to ask Massdrop questions about status updates

When Massdrop posts a status update for a drop, how are we supposed to engage with Massdrop staff to ask questions about that update? It seems like many of these status updates are posted by someone who then ignores any replies. Is there some other forum where we're able to engage with Massdrop staff for an actual two-way discussion, where we can ask questions and receive answers? The latest update for the Rama M10-B is a good recent example of this, where there have been numerous replies in the two weeks since the last status update, many asking questions, and none of us receiving a response from Massdrop. Is there somewhere else we should be directing our questions about status updates?
erickong and Duncan

You're asking all the right questions
Hey there. The best place to engage with us, as far as drop updates are concerned, is right on the drop page itself. Sometimes questions can go unanswered for a little while, but we make an honest effort to answer all of them and everyone, especially when it comes to important updates. Next time, tag me with @Duncan and I'll hop in there and help get a response. 👍
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I tried tagging you in that Rama M10-B thread weeks ago. No response from you, no response from Jaleesa. So to answer my own question, it looks like there just isn't a way to discuss status updates on a drop with Massdrop staff.
We're actually still getting info together on that drop, but we're aiming to give a holistic update as soon as possible. Sorry you've had to hang on so long.. We usually prefer to give updates with substance as opposed to just giving no-update updates.