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Whats Your Favorite Thing Massdrop Sold?

Massdrop has sold a lot of stuff, but out of all of that what is your favorite mine is the Rama minipad I love the industrial design and the creator is awesome. Whats your favorite id love to talk about it, make sure to post a current pic if you can.
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1. AKG K267 Tiesto (which really deserves a "Massdrop x" collab in its place in AKG's lineup, wink, wink) 2. Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6xx 3. CEntrance DACPort Slim 4. Injinji Socks - All varieties 5. Klymit Pillow X 6. Hydroflask 18oz Wide Mouth bottle
I could keep the list going and going. I really do enjoy my gear and am thankful for the hand Massdrop has played in getting it to me.
Hard for me to pick just one :) It's more the ideas and things that I've been introduced to. But if I had to pick, it would surprisingly not be in mech keys or hobbies or EDC, which is where the bulk of my purchases are. It would be in cooking.
That Anovo has changed the way that I view cooking and made me actually competent in food preparation. I love that thing!
Klipsch IEMs, EzGo wallet and Spyderco Squarehead.
As of now , I'm waiting on a couple of CRKT fixed blade knives with sheaths , I'm sure this will be the best till the next 1 I'm in on . Lets go .
An LTD "lemon drop" guitar. Its sitting on my lap right now. Thank you Massdrop!
The random item quilting Xserve. Sooo much fun
magic flights. please bring back quality tools for responsible adults.
I love my magic flight and the price on massdrop was really good. I even got some to give as gifts. It's super portable, super simple and cheap enough that you won't be heartbroken if something happens to it when you're out and about.
The bio-light stove and charging system

My first drop ever was my best drop ever as well. It has since been broken which is a big shame since you can't just buy these off any e-tailer, you can only buy them at Crystal Fog in cali AFAIK. I still have their Beaker bomber and the Grav Labs bubbler I also got from MD, back when they still handn't sold off the Vaping community to their new investors. Get off mah lawn whippersnappers.
For me, it's gotta be one of my three daily drivers here at the office: Fostex TH-X00 Mahoganies, Varmilo VA68M, or Mionix Castor.
The Fostex launched right as I was looking to get a bit more isolation than my 558s or 650s. I totally could not resist those wood cups.
The VA68M is my preferred layout since I love arrow keys and page up/page down/home/end. Also made me feel really foolish for buying a Leopold 660M two months prior.
The Castor is a nice upgrade from my Naos 5000. My hands aren't that big, so the Castor fits just right and its a super smooth pairing with the SteelSeries DEX mousepad.
HD 6XX by far the best deal
Hd 6xx, they cost 540 dollars on amazon.ca
It has to be the blue Kershaw Blur in S30V. As close to a perfect knife as possible.
while I love all the special run headphones I've been fortunate enough to get in on, bigly, my favorite purchases so far have been the screened ink Patents. Such a creative idea. I bought a few to give out for Christmas presents and the rest have been nice, first additions to my home after just relocating to a new state for work.
I have a couple of metallic prints coming soon so definitely looking forward to those.
Darn Tough socks and ExOfficio Boxers. Wear them daily and love them! Dang I must be old, asked for socks and underwear for Christmas.
Ha! I can second the socks.
I love the quilting items
Fostex exclusive headphones. Not perfect, but damn fine.
HK Axis. Not perfect, but damn fine. Wish the last drop would have gone through.
My favorite thing so far are the Fostex Purple Heart headphones. They sound fantastic.
everybody is saying socks and its really making me want to buy a pair.
I've actually worked on products that have been sold on Massdrop, so I think they have to be excluded from the products that are my favorite.
The best thing that I ever bought on Massdrop is undoubtedly Darn Tough socks. I feel as if my feet have adapted to Darn Tough and that I am no longer compatible with other, more inferior socks. This was proven to me a week ago when I went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and walked 50 miles over the course of 3 days in mere hiking socks purchased at Costco. I live in rural Iowa, so I don't really walk many places and 50 miles is a much more extensive walking experience than I typically am used to. On the evening of the 3rd day, I proceeded to drunkenly hit some golf balls at an extremely unusual driving range. The twisting motion tore my heels so badly I could no longer wear dress shoes and I had to wear $10 Vegas flip flops with my dress clothes.
It was so embarrassing that I decided I would put together a public service announcement of sorts to let anyone who has not seen the light that is Darn Tough socks be made aware that they are truly a life changing experience.
I have to agree. Darn Tough socks (and cushioned socks in general) are life changing. I bought a few pairs for hiking at first, but now I wear them as everyday socks.
AKG K7XX. Hell of a deal!
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Concur completely.
My first Massdrop purchase was a pair of AKG K7xx headphones, and I couldn't be more pleased. I've recently committed to a Massdrop headphone amp, and look forward to their emails. Nice job, Massdrop!
My Tutti sewing machine trolley bags, they are fantastic.
Massdrop should ALWAYS have a CIEM drop going.
This one's a difficult one to answer. It's a toss-up between my Planck mechanical keyboard and my Sailor Pro Gear II Slim. Both are just so much fun to use!
I'm also quite happy with how Jukebox turned out on some of by keyboards...
Atreus62 w/ 62g Zealios and Jukebox:
Preonic w/62g Zealios and Jukebox:
Planck w/67g Zealios and Jukebox:
You sure like jukebox
It's actually the same kit on all three boards. I believe that I've found my forever home for this set on my Atreus62. (Famous last words...)
I'm waiting for my two complete kits each of Chocolatier and Godspeed to come in. Then it's gonna get crazy up in here.
Having in mind that i'm from Germany (shipping) it has to be the Realforces.
Jukebox... :slyface:
It has to be the Super5 fountain pen for me. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/super5-calligraphy-fountain-pen I have four now, and although it may not be my favorite writing instrument, as a drop it ticked all the right boxes: Great product: check Hard to find elsewhere: check Great price: check
The CST trackball: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/7417 Because I hate mice. No need for a pic--it still looks and performs as advertised, after 2 years of heavy use.
I like the hiking socks too, all of 'em. You don't want current pix of those.
I must say that my two favorite things I have bought from Massdrop are two things I use every day. A wallet from Hand and Sew, and the Sennheiser HD650. (sorry, attaching a potato pic)
Those look nice and comfy
I bought so many things that I am using everyday: Juiced USB 3.0 6+1+1 x 2 (on desktop right now), Amped Duo Cables, MicFlip Fully Reversible Cable x 2 (one in car one on my desk), Black Diamond Storm Headlamp (for running at night), Agena Crew Merino Tee, CoolerMaster Jas Mini Aluminum Stand x 2, ErgoTech Freedom Arms x 2 (holding my 4k monitor now), RXRacer FE57 Gaming Chair (I'm sitting on it right now), BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cam (in my car), Buddha Board, Samson CT20 Clip-On Tuner (on my acoustic electric guitar), and Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand which is in use by my department ;-P
Also wear the boxers and socks bought from Massdrop daily. The Injini socks are amazing for running. So many favorites and love them! If I must pick a favorite, I'd say the ExOfficio Sport Mesh Boxers (sorry, don't plan to share the photo, lol) -- these are so much more comfortable than the Uniqlo ones I used to like, and I wouldn't know about these cool products without Massdrop!
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I'm not from the selfie generation *grin*
I hated selfies... then I started doing it