Jun 7, 2016

Universal IEMS

What IEMS do you use? What IEMS do you recommend? What IEMS do you wish?
If you have time, please post your IEMS like this:
[Name of IEM], [Brand], [Price], [Sound Signature (e.g Flat, V)]

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Alclair CIEM RSM $650 flat
64 Audio U4 S $510 V
Sennheiser ie80 $249 not worth mentioning
ordering 64 Audio U6 $670 similar to Alclair
I use Plussound cables for all monitors.
Run through Oppo 2 se
Turbo Ear T7A 6BA+1DD. cost $340 USD.
This is by far the best IEM I've heard, very clean sound and huge sound stage.
I use 64 audio A12's.$2999 sound perfect.
I recommend these beyond anything, but I use them for reference grade studio work, not amateur level listening so depends on usecase. I'll be getting a set of 64 audio Tia in ears around December, so will let you know if 4 drivers can beat 12, but I doubt it
I use a noble k10u, v1.
Prior to that, I had JH Angie.

Recently wentvto canjam in LA, there are some serious contenders at the top spot now. Personally, 1964 audio out of Portland was the most surprising listening experience for me.

Noble's Katana and their revised K10 were both great, in my personal experience a tad too bright for me.

I generally like darker sound. Earlier in my IEM quest I was in love with earsonics SM3's v1. Weston's UX3. Etc.

besides that, I have owned and sold a ton of customs. Hope that helps. In my humble opinion, you'll eventually end up buying the top tier monitors. Just go for it.
I recently bought directly from CampfireAudio a pair of Jupiters for 799$.
I use them with my JDS Labs "The Element".
They're perfect.
I'm done.
Shure SE846. Bought it for 1.000$ from an authorized dealer. If it gets stolen, I will buy another one w/o a second thought! Best bass & midrange & treble I can get from an IEM with a superb isolation from/to outside. Some people complain about the slight roll off at higher frequencies, but man believe me you do not want linear treble response from a sound source which you stick to right in your ear canals. It has superb frequency response which is soooo sooo soooo smooth, no single nor a range of frequencies pop out at any listening levels. Only con I can say is that it is very sensitive to the ouput impedance of your sources, Because they are rated as low as 9ohms. So you will want your source be max 1ohm, which only some good quality amps have that rating.
I'm using U4-SE by 64 Audio. There was a drop here around early March or so. Sound is great. Loads of subbass, slightly less mid-bass, forward vocals and clean, extended treble. It's a very unique sound sig that differs from the standard U4.

Other than that, i own an ATH-IM02. Standard ATH house sound, with a clean treble and more emphasis on midbass, sweet vocals and extension up to the 10k and above region. It's there but not pronounced. I can sorta say it's like a HD600 in terms of feel to it (Of course the HD600 wins in every aspect, but it's sorta emulated it quite well)

Personally I can recommend both if you're looking for some neutral or mid-forward sound sig. If you're a basshead then it's a different story.

Lastly, my dream IEM would be the Andromedas right now, and 64 Audio A18 as well if for custom-fit IEMs
I use Shure SE315's; they're robust for the price point, and the armature driver in the 315's is pretty great! I'm looking into UE IEMs for the purpose of live audio monitoring, which would be a sound investment. All-in-all, the SE315's have a pretty solid low end, with mediocre mids and highs. For $200, you can't get much better than Shure, their customer support is also top quality!
I use a pair of Hifiman RE-400s at my office and are paired with a Dragonfly v1.2 . It's a really nice setup that blocks out my co-workers when I need to focus, and the sound is wonderful. The RE-400s are accurate, natural, and offer amazing midd and highs. They are not a go to if you are seeking a lot of deep bass. However, with a good seal in my ears there is tighter bass (although, not super deep), and this is more than sufficient for my taste.
Mee audio p1 (retail for 200 new). They are flat which I enjoy. Were a nice compliment to my hd600s. Just use the smaller silicon round plugs because they fit my ears well and comply tips mute the treble too much. If you want booming bass these are not for you though. Not curious about any other iems for now, but I've always wanted to try a pair of Kaiser 10s.
Shure SE 846's with custom earmolds. Blocking ambient noise is important for my listening and this combination is fantastic. I love the sound. I recently switched to the white (treble oriented) filters. The difference is subtle but I am very happy. Easy to listen to all day. I find them very revealing, well balanced, with tight but satisfyingly robust bass.

While I'm very happy where I am, I am curious about the KSE1500's.
Use: IE800 (bought $500)
Dream list:
JH Angie I or II universal ($999-$1299)
After going through the midrange IEMs FLC 8S Hybrid (adjustable),
Westone UM3XR - $323 (smooth),
Sennheiser IE8 - $465 (bass'y),
Audio Technica - ATH-CK10 $299 (flat), Ultimate Ears UE-900 $325 ( meh), Etymotic ER-4P $230 (my first pair), and Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 $280, looking for my ultimate IEMs, I finally settled on the Noble Kaiser 10Us, $1650 (just right on ultra-low bassiness).

Their 32ohms is a perfect match for the 240mV output of the Xudoo X3.
Recommended are totally based on what you want, signature-wise.
ATH-CKP300, Audio Technica, 30 CAD, Flat in treble and mids with smartly elevated bass. Super smooth and relaxing.
EE846 Hybrid, Easy Earphones, ~190 CAD, Mid and bass forward with wonderfully detailed and well-extended treble that somehow remains very polite.
HA-FXH30, JVC, 60 CAD, U-shaped. They're very aggressive. Love em to death.
ZS1, Knowledge Zenith, ~12 CAD, Dirty old bass monster.

JVC HA-FXH30, pending you like aggressive earphones. They're noticeable more refined and balanced than their predecessors, the FRD80.
AS800AP, Sony, ~40 CAD, U-shaped. For a sports iems they're not very bassy, have just enough sparkle to their treble, and well defined mids. Not only to they sound great, but they're also rated IPX7 and are waterproof. Bad to the bone.
EDR2, KZ, 6 CAD, Flat with ever so slightly elevated bass and treble. For such a cheap earphone, they are exceptionally capable. Good detail, imaging, and soundstage with quick bass and clear mids. Best treble quality found on a KZ to date imo.

Meze 99 Classics. Had the chance to review them of part of a tour. Shortest ten days of my life. I want them back.
Venture Electronics Zen 2.0. Have the Monk and Monk+. Love em to death. Now I want to try VE's top bud.
Final Audio Design Piano Forte IX. Such a unique product. How many universal in-ears are designed to be used without tips? I can't think of any others off-hand.
Ue900s ultimate ears $399 sound kind of flat mabey a bit of emphasis on the highs
Jomo5, Jomo Audio, US$530ish($720 when I bought it), flat. Wishlist: Noble K10U, those endless good reviews......
JH Audio Rosie ($999), pretty neutral but a bit bright and pretty unforgiving with bad recordings
Audio Technica ATH-CKR10 (~$180), Warm and intimate sounding, Audio Technica house sound with very impressive bass response

Audio Technica ATH-CKR10 (~$180) These sound pretty darn amazing; highly recommended
Etymotic HF5 (~$100) Neutral-a bit bass light, amazing isolation
Brainwavz M5 (~$25) V-shaped, mids a bit too recessed but responds well to EQ
Spider Realvoice (~$20) Mid-focused, a STEAL at 20 bucks, reminds me of the Audio Technica house sound

Wish Listed:
Earsonics Velvet
JH Audio Layla II, Roxanne II, Angie II (maybe someday in the very far future cause I'm broke)
Spider Realvoice II (Literally just found that there's a second version while writing this post)
Audio Technica ATH-CKR90 and ATH-CKR100
Shure KSE1500 (Hello, Ramen noodles)
Pretty much each and every IEMs out there, I want to try all of them!
This maybe be unrelated but i am looking for a comparison between the Om Audio inearpeace and Zero Audio Carbo Tenore. Don't plan to spend more than $50 and can see that the white inearpeace is around that price. Mic and control preferable but can be sacrificed for audio quality.
I recently acquired DQSM D2002s (aka D2s). VERY impressive! Removable cables, 3 filter system to tweak sound, deep bass that doesn't intrude on the mids, very detailed, great soundstage, metal construction with a high quality cable... I could go on and on. I have only had them for a few days but I already know this is an end game IEM for me. Check out Head-fi. They are starting to get a lot of feedback and buzz.

Edit: forgot to mention that they are priced around $170 on Aliexpress and Amazon.