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DSA Scientific


Group buy is currently open! Details below:
Open from April 10 to May 10, 2019. Vendors

What is it? DSA Scientific is a group buy of keycaps featuring themes inspired by TI calculators. Who is it for? If you like the colours, then it's for you! This keyset is aimed at common layouts from full-size down to 40%. The design Various design choices have been made to capture the essence of TI scientific calculators and provide the best typing experience:
  • "Deep teal" accent colour specially matched to Pantone® 7476 C
  • LaTeX styled novelties (including a reduced Planck constant key for your Planck board)
  • Colour add-ons and alternates for all tastes
  • Homing bars and bumps instead of scooped keys
  • Doubleshot legends that do not fade
  • All-in-one 40's kit

The DSA profile

Signature Plastics DSA family: "medium profile, spherical top and non-sculptured"
The DSA profile fits all styles of keyboards and is especially adequate for small boards. When designing the following kits, we made sure that these boards were covered, among others:
  • 60% to full-size
  • Planck / Preonic
  • Ducky Pocket
  • Vortex Race 3 and Core
  • Tokyo60, Tofu HHKB
  • 96-key and 1800 boards
  • Small keyboards


  • Includes Homing barred "F" & "J" and 1u "\" keys

Tenkeyless + Specialty
  • 60%, TKL and WKL modifiers
  • Compatibility for various bottom rows
  • 1.75u "Shift", "Control" keys and offset "Caps Lock" keys
  • 1.5u "2nd" and "Clear" (compatible with Vortex Race 3)
  • Includes a small colour pack and a Homing barred down-arrow

Orthogonal + 40%
  • Planck / Preonic in both Grid an MIT layouts
  • Covers Vortex Core, MiniVan, JD40, Sebright, AMJ40 and anything in between
  • Includes various alternates and a Homing barred down-arrow

  • Covers most number pads, including the Ducky Pocket
  • Includes Homing bump "5" and extra "Calc" and "2nd" keys

  • Various constants and operators, namely pi and h-bar (the reduced Planck constant)
  • Deep teal 1.25u modifiers for various keyboards

  • Coloured "Enter" keys and dark 1u "`" and "\" for symmetrical look

  • ISO add-on that covers Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Swedish layouts

  • Homing barred "H U N T" keys for Dvorak and Colemak layouts


  • Made in USA by Signature Plastics
  • DSA spherical profile
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Cherry MX compatible

Links Thanks for listening!
shadyinc, azzlack, and 60 others

European proxy now open at!
This is gorgeous. I'm a little confused as to why the novelties have a teal function row instead of charcoal when there's too much width variation in a typical function row to make one kit fit, but it's too pretty for me to care. Purchased.
You can put these anywhere you want... not necessarily the bottom row. TKL is the most popular form factor, that's why we went with six keys (plus the yellow '2nd'). I think someone suggested it during the IC. It's not unsual to offer 1u and 1.25u novelties, I believe.
Weird things going on with the Massdrop site... bullet points looking all spaced out. :eyes:
Group buy is currently open! NB. Our European and Asia proxies will be up in the coming days.
So hyped for this ! Waiting to buy from Europe with eager
You need this colour.
  1. GB launch is scheduled for next week! We are still discussing pricing with our vendor, TKC, as we got the latest quote only yesterday-- though we have a pretty good idea.
  2. We've updated the kits. Some were combined: TKL + Specialty, Ortho + 40%. This decreases the price considerably for those who need the Specialty kit (65%, 75%, 96-key, 1800, HHKB, WKL and so on). Same for 40%. Most importantly, it increases our chance of hitting MOQ on these kits.
In for alphas, ortho, novelties and Colevrak, depending on the price.
Hey question for you guys! forgive me I’m relatively new to Massdrop and totally new to keyboards. So this drop is for just the caps. I freaking love the little orange edged one at the top. Does anyone know what base it is. How/where I can achieve that exact look?

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Thanks much for the info!
Cheers dude!
Updated renders to reflect imminent kit changes-- keys mostly stay the same, just rearranged. Along with barred down-arrow, Ducky Pocket support is back!
Still waiting! My vortex vibe is waiting for a new outfit! :-) Cool renders and thanks for putting In the effort to keep us all up-to-date with progress!
I really like the Vibe and it fits the theme very well. I wanted to render one but I've already modelled three other Vortex boards; even though we're not officially endorsed by Vortex yet ;)
Dude. I'm so stoked about this keyset. It's hot fire.
Thank you!
Little late to the party, but any update @voodoo6k? Seems like any day now?
Not too late. Our vendor TKC experienced some small delays on their last GB, so we're aiming for after their current GB (GMK SKIIdata), so an April launch. We're also making some minor last minute changes to some kits. We'll keep you posted!
Would love to see an ergodox set!
There is no legend ErgoDox kit, but it's possible to order some blank 1.5u and 2u caps thru pmkb (when they come in stock). Since this has been requested a few times, I may give SP a heads up to see if they can produce some. No guarantee though...
I'm very pleased to see a 40% kit for this. I have a lot of keycap sets but I've been struggling to get most of them to work well on a Minivan due to sculpted row sets being a bit inconsistent on 40% layouts. This set might be just the thing I need. 👍
Absolutely gorgeous.
I honestly remember having one of these lads in grade 8. Now i'm in grade 9. This keyboard set still brings back some of those nostalgia.
The novelties are incredible—especially that ħ keycap! I dream of someday having a nice set of Greek alphas in the vein of your π and φ novelties. Any thoughts of doing something like that down the road?
Thanks! It is a possibility... but first things first. As mentioned in prevous comments, I would like to see the high contrast set and TI-83 kit (slate blue instead of teal). All hypothetical at this point. The ħ key is also my favourite :)
I would also love to see the slate blue variant! That's actually the calculator I grew up with, so it hits closer to home. With things like the failure of GMK Greek Olivetti, I've really been on the lookout for anything Greek-related. The "math" font used in DSA Scientific is the most gorgeous I can think of for these letters! I'd love to stay updated on when/if you ever feel like it's a feasible set to produce. Being a physics student who loves quantum mechanics, I think I could actually find practical use for the ħ key!
Here comes a late suggestion. I like the '2nd' key (mainly because I remember it from my TI-83 Plus) and would like to use that key in favour of the 'lower' key. But there is no equivalent key to replace the 'raise' key with :( How about a green key that says 'NUMS' or something? (like the 'ALPHA' key on the TI-83 Plus)
Or, since you've used green instead of blue/purple for arrows and such, the NUMS key could be blue/purple.
It was the initial idea to have a TI-83 kit, but it was postponed with the rest of the high contrast/slate blue options... The colour code for the 'Alpha' key would most likely be VAF, which could kind of clash with the deep teal Pantone. It cannot be slate blue since that is a Pantone as well and not worth it for a single key. We did spice up the raise/lower keys with yellow legends, at least!
ETA 2 weeks on group buy launch! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Official word is April launch, we're doing our best to bring this as soon as possible. Cheers!
Im not sure if this is too helpful or not but I've seen other people mention this. If there was an extra novelties kit with more Greek letters (especially the ones used in calculus!) I'd be super willing to support it <3 EDIT: I do want to also ask, I've seen some renders such as the High contrast / slate blue (TI-30XIIS) from geekhack, specifically this:
Will these also be available? Or this be sticking to the Grey / deep teal (TI-30Xa)?
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Exactly. The initial idea was perhaps a bit too ambitious so we removed the lighter option. I'm open to running it in the future if the grey set does well. As for the greek letters, unfortunately the kits are pretty much final (except for minor tweaking). Many people wanted more options (myself included), but we settled for simpler kits. At this stage, we are just waiting for a launch date from our vendor...
Thats perfectly fine! Thank you for organizing this! Im so excited!
This set is beautiful and Im super into it! I especially like this considering how much math I've done this term and all the math courses I have left <3 If it was not clear by now, I would love to support this set!
Amazing, thank you!
Any update on the GB date?
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That is great. This set looks great.
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Not working that hard... just waiting for paperwork in the mail :P
Work harder postal workers!
Love it! I had that calculator!
Added a new render, featuring the upcoming PrimeKB Prime_E ergo 40%. For fun!
Any chance of getting a homing bar on the "Down-Arrow" key?
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I don't dislike the idea...
Actually going to be making this change!
Norde and Dvorak/Colemak kits added. These will be low MOQ (15 or 25)!
Looking at the renders it seems that the big spacebars are convex while the small ones (e.g. 1u and 2u in the otho-kit) are concave. Is it so on purpose?
Only the long spacebars (6.25u and 7u in this case) are convex, the rest are concave spherical. This is a specification / limitation of the manufacturer (Signature Plastics). All DSA keycaps are like this...
I see. Thanks for clarification!
This is an absolutely beautiful design! Could you consider adding right modifiers to the Planck kit to use instead of the arrows?
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Yes, I have thought about it but omitted them for several reasons:
  • Extra cost
  • Low demand
  • Alternatives available (novelties as you mentioned)
  • Colourway (ratio of Teal to grey)
My main priority is keeping these kits affordable. Ideally, there would be many more 1u options and kits overall, but this one's going to be very distilled. Hope you can find something you like!
I'm glad to know that you thought about it and made a conscious choice. I agree that lowering the cost for the most popular configuration, while providing other subsets with 1u keys is a good solution 👍
Just a tiny update: As mentioned on geekhack, the group buy should launch early next year. It's not too late to leave your comments and vote. I will soon update this post with the international kit. Cheers
So stoked!
This will hopefully go well with the teal cable over here: