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Jerome sewing machine for kids

Hi, did anyone out there purchase the Jerome sewing for kids and having issues with the bobbin? I have read all the instructions as well as YouTube and still the bottom thread is not coming up. Any help you can provide would be helpful. I tried to return it but was told massdroo does not take returns. Thank you

Yes I certainly did. Could never find a fix for it. having said that I purchased a Janome sewing machine a couple of years back and had the very same issue. Found out that the one I had purchased was made overseas and the metal plate that the bobbin sits on was made 1/8 inch too thin, thus causing the bobbin to jump. My store took it back and i got a different machine but I suspect this is the cause as well.
Good to know, however because I purchased it through massdrop I'm unable to return. I went and purchased a baby lock and it is working beautifully. Thanks for responding