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Release Notes: November 9, 2018 - Talk Posts and more...

Greetings everyone! It’s been a very busy month for us and we have some great updates to share with all of you. Mainly, we’ve updated our Talk Post editor. We fixed some issues in general and added hyperlinking too. Check out the rest of the release notes below. We’re constantly improving the features of the site and want to keep you up to date with all the changes we’re making. It’s important to us that we deliver a solid experience to you and that you’re aware of how that experience evolves over time. Here are the Release Notes as of November 9, 2018. Talk Post Editor Rework
We squashed copy and paste bugs, introduced new editing styles, made community selection simpler and created a stylish new editor that floats and follows you as you create your masterpiece (or very simple post)!

Images are Swipeable on Mobile Feed Cards
You can now swipe through images on the feed while viewing cards on mobile. This makes it so you don't have to click / tap into the post before you can see all of the images.

Community Descriptions
We gave community banners a refresh with updated visual imagery and a description of the community to make it easier for newcomers to get involved.

‘Jump to Comment Number’ in Discussions
Now you can jump to prior, older sections of discussions on your desktop / laptop (not yet on mobile). Find where you left off and catch-up in a discussion, or click "Oldest" to jump to the beginning.

Rich Text Editing on Comments
Ever wanted to create a more in-depth review or a comment? We've added rich text editing to comments so they now support bold, italic, underline options; you can also add bullets and numbering and easily add a hyperlink to any text.

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gorian2222, drewestes2010, and 7 others

What happened to "DAYS LEFT"? It's gone from the drop pages, although it is still shown on the thumbnails:

Oh good, it's back.

The new 'Jump to Comment Number' feature is a great idea, but it is causing problems for me. Sometimes I cannot scroll down very far, the comments seem to end at only a day or two ago. Then, when I drag the bar down just a little bit, it goes way past were I wanted to look. Then as I scroll back up, it sometimes jumps to the start again. And sometimes the screen just scrolls on its own while I am reading a comment.
We've recently logged some issues with this too. Working on it.
Adding a way to PM others would be really useful.
This is on the roadmap. Direct Messaging is something we've wanted for a long time and it's in the works. Stay tuned.
How about an option to post messages with replies turned off in discussion threads for a drop? This would be a way for the author of a post to clearly communicate that they will not read and reply to responses to their post (drop status updates, for example).