Nov 10, 2018

ZDP-189 Bunka featured on Massdrop

Hi Blades community, Grega here from SharpEdge. I'm happy to say that our ZDP-189 Bunka Black is currently featured on Massdrop! If you are a fan of good Japanese kitchen knives, I welcome you to check it out - it's quite a looker, and a great performer, made of one of the hardest steels available for kitchen knife production - powder steel ZDP-189. It will keep a sharp edge insanely long! Here's the link to the drop with a 22% discount: If you are curious about the manufacturing process of the Bunka, see our photo story of the blacksmith Osamu-san and his workshop: We're here to help you answer any questions, in case you have some! Cheers, Grega

Duncan and ltopper

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