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potential massdrop watches

Does anyone think we could see some higher end watches end up on mass drop, something like an aqua terra or a maurice lacroix master piece. potentially even something from concord. anyway, leave your thoughts
Nikos Makris

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Can we have the Orient Poseidon (Brazil Market) drop on massdrop?
However I don't think they will be featured often as Massdrop probably can't get a big discount on those higher end watches, which would also mean less people would purchase them and that in turn would make featuring high end watches not worth it for Massdrop.
I would also love to see some Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeletons here on massdrop or some Eliros Chronographs, I'm waiting for them to come on massdrop so I can purchase them with a substantial discount.
I think MD could have some degree of success with some higher end timepieces, I just don't know how much over say the $3000 range. Big difference between shelling out $200 on a watch and $2k, and I know a few people (myself included) like to wrist it before pulling the trigger, especially on $1k+ pieces. I think the MLC and Omega's would be a terrific start though for MD
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