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Just finished listening to The Beatles White Album Super Deluxe via Chromecast Audio -> DarkVoice 336SE -> 6xx. It’s a winner. I have an RCA 6AS7 and Shanguang Treasure 6SN7 tubes in the DarkVoice. This is a fantastic combo. Lush tube sound, detailed and controlled low end with mids and highs that are just right. While everything I listen to with this setup sounds excellent I especially enjoy rock and jazz recorded in the 60s and 70s with this setup. The guitars, horns and vocals are sublime. As has been written on this site many times before, the DarkVoice and 6xx are made for each other. If you have one and not the other you are missing out. In in addition to the Beatles re-release I have also really been enjoying Van Morrison’s ... It’s to Late to Stop Now(Live) vol II, III & IV and Oliver Nelson’s Blues and the Abstract Truth. These album just sound right when the air is cooling and the leaves are falling.
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the chromecast is definitely the weakest link
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" I have an RCA 6AS7 and Shanguang Treasure 6SN7 tubes in the DarkVoice." They are much better than the stock tubes. I have some Tung Sol tubes as well, but i'm pretty satisfied with my current setup and haven't bought any new tubes in a while.
I knew someone who swore by vintage soviet tubes
I like the RCA 6AS7, has that special something-something than say a Svetlana! I have a Tung Sol upfront and enjoy it just a bit more than the Shanguang but both are fantastic tubes! Enjoy the music my man!
I have a Tung Sol 6SN7 that sounds good with th RCA 6AS7. I find this combo provides a brighter sound signature. Not sibilant but definitely more treble forward and clear than the RCA with the Treasure which I think really fills out the low end. I’m definetly enjoying th music. I hope you are too.
Cool, that's exactly what I hear between the two tubes! I felt the Tung Sol was definitely more 'tubey' sounding than the Treasure, which can sound a bit solid-state-like. The RCA 6AS7 sounds nice and warm in the mid-range with nice bass levels. The Svetlana is very close to the stock tube, still a great tube but maybe not for my taste!
I listened to the album a bit. Are they remastered tracks? Tracks are old, with ancient recording tech so was curious. I’m still trying to figure out if this album goes better with planners (4XX) or dynamic (6XX). Have you’ve tried any other headphones?
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These stood out to me from left and right channel separation. I'm not a big Beatles follower and this is my first time hearing the White Album in full. Ob-La-Di Back in the USSR Piggies-Instrument separation is incredible here. Don't Pass Me By I'm now listening to The Beatles: Past Masters on iTunes. What do you think about this album collection @mindhead1 ?
It's a good compilation of their 'older' stuff. It's a good way to get familiar with their music. I'm not a huge fan, but I tend to prefer the full albums from Revolver on. Really all their stuff is good. Dig into their catalog and enjoy.
Definitely a matching pair. I am also enjoying the rolling tube combination with my 6XX :-)