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ATH-AD1000x, too big?

Anyone else got a pair of these beauties??
I love them to death for almost everything, but I don't have a very large head. And these just lovvveeeeee to slip down and it makes them uncomfortable and really noticeable weight wise on my head because of that. 0
So I made these, some people have used tape, zip ties, and like Velcro bands. However I felt like those were eye sores and really didn't work too well. Since the default position of the wings fits my head just right, these keep them from adjusting. When I have other people use them they can slide up or down or I can just remove them.
Thought this could be useful to anyone else having the same issue. Also sorry for bad pictures, I'm not photographically adept.
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Not sure why the pictures are super large now, they just revert whenever I edit.....